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Mar 23, 2012 05:06 AM

canary (yellow) beans used in Peruvian cooking

Love the delicious canary (yellow) beans served at Rincon Limero. Does anyone have a source for them in the greater Boston area?

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  1. I could be wrong, but I think these are called peruanos...

    My first stop might be
    Mayfair Food
    506 Cambridge Street Allston, MA 02134
    (617) 782-5539

    your mileage may vary

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    1. re: okra

      Thank you! Mayfair has them in small cans for $2.69. The guy says he can't get them dried. I bought a can as well as a jar of aji amarillo.

    2. Mayfair in Allston might have em. I am sure the little bodegas near RL have em. Heck call and ask.

      1. This is the place that was recommended to me by Brother Cleve for Peruvian ingredients:

        Frio Rico
        360 R Bennington St
        East Boston, MA 02128
        (617) 569-1505
        Near the Wood Island T Stop

        1. Frio Rico for sure, as yarm said. But for me this is another sad reminder of the passing of the HiLo - they carried a good portion of the Inca's Food line (dry and frozen) But I think the Chelsea MB has a shelf or two of Peruvian products that would surely contain canary beans. The JP Stop and Shop also carried them in a surprisingly large (but not, you know, large.) Peruvian section. Haven't been there in over a year though so I can't say if the situation is the same. Will report back on Chelsea MB since I'll be there over the next few days. Of course another answer would be to not worry about the exact product from the specific place and just have fun tracking down a regional equivalent.

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          1. re: deglazer

            Update on an older thread. Saw these recently in the regular Goya bean section of the Somerville Market Basket. I'm pretty sure this is a newish development.

          2. The original comment has been removed