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Mar 23, 2012 03:54 AM

Spectrum Coconut Oil, Kosher for Passover

After years of horrid baking w/passover margarine, I followed up on a rumor I heard that Extra virgin coconut oil was KFp without special certification. I've posted the email conversation I had with the OU on my blog confirming that Spectrum Unrefined is KFP with a regular OU.

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  1. I wonder which other oils could be available kosher for passover? Wouldn't it be nice to try macadamia oil, almond oil, palm fruit oil.... I think palm fruit oil would not even be that expensive and they say much healthier than palm kernel oil.
    By the way, a rabbi who supervises agave nectar told me that the only problem for Passover would be some of the enzymes used in extraction and by the letter of the law that would not render the final product forbidden for Passover

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      I looked at the kosher Australia site and found
      Macadamia Oils of Australia
      Macadamia Oil

      Proteco Pressed Purity Cold Pressed
      Almond Oil
      Apricot Oil
      Avocado Oil
      Macadamia Oil
      Walnut Oil
      maybe the same thing is true here that all of these are acceptable when cold pressed

    2. During Pesach (as well as during the year), I bake with Hollywood Safflower oil. The bottle sold during the year has the regular hechsher (either OK, OU, or Chof K- don't remember which one- but it's meanstream. In the springtime, they add the P. I buy it in the supermarket.

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      1. re: EmpireState

        Can I get the Spectrum extra virgin coconut oil with the OU at Fairway?

        1. re: stevorino

          I can't say I've seen it there, but it certainly seems to me like it's something they would carry.

          1. re: queenscook

            Confirming I saw it at the Douglaston Fairway today.

          2. re: stevorino

            I just bought the Spectrum coconut oil at Red Hook Fairway today. About $11! But at least it's not solid cottonseed oil!