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Mar 22, 2012 10:00 PM

Why no Schadenfreude, Chowhound-style, over Bruni's announcement he has gout?

Are we not equal opportunity snickerers?

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  1. Nothing to snicker about. Mr. Bruni wrote a seemingly honest and well-balanced piece about his condition and how he is adjusting to it. Also, he has not announced that he is a spokesperson for an expensive drug to treat this condition.

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    1. re: pamf

      +1...pamf, you are exactly right. He didn't keep his diagnosis a secret for years while exhorting others to eat gout-triggering food, and I've yet to see him shilling any of the new gout drugs.

    2. I give Bruni credit for talking about gout. Very few people do. He gave some good advice. Perhaps he will help others avoid it.

      1. Has he done something hypocritical or self-serving? If not, then this situation is missing the snicker-worthy part.

        1. As others have pointed out, he handled his "news," both personally and professionally, in an admirable manner. John Bradford's words come to mind: "There but for the grace of god . . . ."

          1. Ah nothing like perspective when you need to make a lifestyle change. In the wake of Ms. Deen's horror show across the food writing and not so worthy writing, I imagine we'll see alot more admissions of health from high profile food people.

            Good health is nothing to sneeze at no matter how much we love great food.