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Mar 22, 2012 09:46 PM

Golfeados: Venezuelan Sticky buns

Hi everyone: I plan on making golfeados for my venezuelan husband's birthday but am having trouble locating two of the ingredients: Venezuelan queso blanco, a type of semi-hard white cheese with small holes similar to swiss cheese, but with a much milder taste, almost like sheep's milk (NOT Mexican soft queso blanco) and papelón, a hard, cone shaped form of brown sugar. Does anyone know where I can buy these items or know a good substitute (esp. the cheese)? I've checked numerous latin markets but nobody seems to have them.

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  1. Many Mexican grocery stores sell the brown sugar cones (a believe they are called matador).

    Good luck on the cheese... Im guessing your going to need a "close enough" substitute.

    1. I know those cones as "piloncillo"; I agree, they are widelay available. Unfortunately, I have never seen the type of cheese you are seeking. Have you tried Kitanda, the Brazillian shop on NE 24th? They might have something like it.

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        DeLaurenti's also has a huge variety of cheese from sheep, cow, goat and other milks. I woujld give that a try as well.

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          Right piloncillo (little cones) is the common Mexican raw sugar. A few places also carry a Columbian version, either in bricks or disks.

          I wonder if a Spanish sheep cheese would work, something along the line of Manchego.

          1. re: paulj

            I got curious. Haloumi, a Cypriot cheese of goat and/or sheep milk, was suggested at this website:

            Good luck if his birthday hasn't come and gone.

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              In Columbia and Ecuador they make 'pan de yuca', which is a gluten free bread using yuca (tapioca) flour and a firm white cheese.

              (an Ecuadorian food blog that I just discovered)