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Mar 22, 2012 09:44 PM

Birthday dinner in Sacramento

My son-in-law is turning Big 40 in May - we'd like to take him and daughter to a really great
food place that is not too stiff but pretty spectacular because you only turn 40 once. In
Sacramento or environs.

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  1. Noticed in your earlier posts that you like Waterboy (me too), but didn't particularly enjoy Ella. I do like Ella, so it is with a bit of caution that I suggest Selland's The Kitchen

    I haven't been in Sacramento on my birthday, but if it happened, this would be at the top of my list.

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    1. re: souvenir

      Hi Souvenir, We moved to Sac in October from Englewood NJ - just outside Manhattan. Have
      certainly heard about The Kitchen but haven't been. Must say the sample March menu looked
      delicious. (However, my husband who is a bit finicky doesn't like menus where there is no
      choice M;ay have to someday go without him.) Certainly we'll try Ella's again. Didn't not
      like it = just did't love it. What do you know about Hawk's in Granite Bay?

      1. re: tafttiger

        hawks is very good. mulvaneys? ambiance in carmichael?

        1. re: tafttiger

          Yes, it sounds like The Kitchen wouldn't be a good option for your husband.

          I haven't been to Hawks yet, have heard good things about it. Checking out the food and drink menus currently posted on their web site, I am reminded I need to try it!

          Another place I haven't been to in quite some time, but have had some nice celebratory meals there is Enotria. Not for a big birthday dinner, but more for catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while.

      2. might want to take a look at restaurant 13

        its by the same people who do tuli bistro. i was pretty impressed with them during restaurant week. its a weirdly configured space, so depending on the party size it may or may not be practical.

        1. Since you were not impressed with Ella, that is off the list. Grange is okay, I don't care for the food. 13 is good but I don't know if it is special enough. Enotria can be touch and go. I thought it was good but my good friend got horrible service where the server didn't know anything about the food and so so food. I haven't been to Hawks yet. Ambiance would fit the bill of special (don't let location put you off).

          To throw it out there, why not drive the hour and go into the Napa Valley for a special dinner, There is a plethora of not stiff but super nice restaurants to choose from, in fact you could make a day out of it. Bottega and Redd come to mind.

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          1. re: septocaine_queen

            We have fantastic restos need to go out of town any longer. :)

          2. Hi Souvenier - In the mid-town area I would consider Press Bistro, and second the recommendationf for Hawks in Granite Bay. A bit further out but worth the effort is Carpe Vino in Auburn.

            1. I also recommend Hawks. I go there regularly and it's always really good. And, if you are into tasting menus, you can probably talk to the chef about modifying the tasting menu for your husband. I believe they have a chef's table option that might be a nice way to celebrate.

              Also, Ella has a new chef who started in Feb, I think. I went there a few weeks ago and was very pleasantly surprised by how good everything was.