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Mar 22, 2012 08:49 PM

Milchig seder

I need a fish recipe that can keep in the oven or on the blech for an hour between candlelighting and dinner at the first seder. I have twenty guests coming!


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  1. Are you servibg the fish with the head on? Then I would use a salmon, since it is a fatty fish and it would not dry up on the blech.

    I have made a tuna roast. That I would pre order, You maje it exactly like you would a veal roast with onions garlic what ever seasoning you use. You do cook the whole roast and when you serve it, you slice and it looks like a veal slice of meat. The clincher is that it does not smell.
    Thinking as I am writing, you could also ad some white wine.

    Since only my husband and I eat it now, I do purchase tuna steaks, which I did make for dinner tonight.

    1. Instead of leaving it on the blech or in the oven, why don't you just put it up to warm up a short while before you need to serve it?

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        Oops . . . forgot the first seder is Shabbos. Nevermind! (Emily Litella voice)

      2. No matter how long your seder runs, it's too long to keep fish in the oven without overcooking.

        Cook it, and shove it to the side of the blech farthest from the flame. the move it over to warm up before serving.

        I find that Chilean sea bass holds up very well.

        But you might also consider serving a cold fish dish. A large side of roasted salmon, say, or Sephardi Shabbos fish in red sauce. And serving other dishes hot.

        Fish is hard enough to do for Shabbos without overcooking. But , for a Friday evening seder?

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          Yes, I know. But my daughter and son-in-law are vegetarians and they are staying with us for the entire chag. The idea was to save time and work by not unpacking the fleishig boxes at all and having an entirely milchig Pesach. This gives us more storage space as well as two ovens.

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            Hey, vegetarian and even vegan relatives happen. I'm totally down with feeding them well. Just trying to help you avoid overcooked fish.

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            I never tried it with fish dishes. But you can put your dish in casserole, cover it. Wrap it in paper, wrap it in couple towels, put it in bed, cover it with couple pillows and put warm blanket on top. It should stay warm for 3-4 hours. Try it before Passover and see.

          3. If you're using casserole dishes, why not put the fish plate on top of on of those (on the blech)? You'll still get ambient heat to keep it warm, but more it will be more dissipated so the fish will dry out less.

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              I have reheated turkey with lettuce leaves on top, would that work for the fish?