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Mar 22, 2012 08:36 PM

Resto close to Cantos/Dome? yyc

8 of us are heading to Cantos for a concert Monday night and would like an early dinner first - music starts at 7. We'd be looking for something in the $20 range per entree and open to anything delicious. Bright ideas? It's an odd corner of town, I can hardly picture eateries there at all.

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  1. Closer to the Dome, ttere's Embarcadero or Ed's Restaurant (casual) at 208 17th Ave SE:

    Also, Sunterra's Market Bar restaurant (3rd floor) at Keynote.

    I lchecked out the location of Cantos on Google maps and it appears close to several restaurants on 1st, between 10th - 14th Ave: Taste Restaurant (next to Hotel Arts
    )St. James' Corner (pub)
    Guiseppe's Italian Market
    Cafe Med
    Bottlescrew Bill"s
    Vicious Circle (not sure if they serve food or just cocktails)

    1. Cantos is two blocks away from Stephen Avenue, so anything there. Teatro, Catch, and Charcut are pretty close as well, but those are a bit more than $20/entree. Sunterra Keynote and La Vita Bella are pretty much kitty corner.

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        Thanks to both of you - I think Sunterra is a great idea for our mixed crowd. If I was pleasing only myself, Teatro, Catch and Charcut would be perfect.

        La Vita Bella is new to me so I checked out the menu. I'll stop by another time when there aren't so many tastes to accommodate.