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Mar 22, 2012 08:24 PM

Copley Place/South End/Back Bay Restaurants with Toddler?

Greetings Boston Foodies: we will be spending three nights in early April at the Westin Copley Place, and I'm looking for dinner recommendations within walking distance where we wouldn't feel out of place with a toddler. (We'll go on the early side, and she usually does very well at restaurants so long as she has some good bread to eat -- sometimes we even make it to dessert!) We tend to like modern bistro fare, especially local seafood, and market-driven seasonal menus; a nice patio or outside seating often works well with the little one in tow, but that's not essential (and it may be too chilly anyhow).

Went to Hamersley's Bistro many years ago and loved it, but not sure it's the right place to go with a toddler. (It also seems quite pricey -- i.e., appetizers around $20.) But I mention it to give an idea of the kind of food and atmosphere we enjoy.

Am intrigued by Island Creek Oyster Bar -- I realize it's too far to walk, but it sounds really good. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Since nobody has responded, I'll chime in. To start at the end first - Island Creek isn't too far to walk from Copley assuming you have a stroller. In fact, it'd be a really nice walk when the weather is decent. Eastern Standard, which is next door to Island Creek, also could work. Eastern Standard also has outdoor seating. As long as the Red Sox aren't playing (1st home game isn't until 4/13), those spots should work. Hammersley's is quite pricey, and in my opinion a little on the fancy side to bring a toddler.

    1. Weather has been very warm but no guarantees about April. Brasserie Jo on the early side could work for you. It's large and in a hotel so it may be used to toddlers early in the evening. You're close to the south end and, pizza at Picco would work. Agree on ICOB and ES and again go before 6.

      1. I second Picco, great for toddlers when the outdoor area is open.

        Not sure how it is for toddlers, but nearby is Salty Pig. I haven't been (going on Saturday actually for first time) but have heard very good things.

        Island Creek Oyster is definitely worth the walk in my opinion. And if weather is nice, it really isn't that bad of a walk if you have a stroller.

        Coda is a spot that while small, I always see people with children, usually before 7pm.

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          We recently went to ICOB with our 5 and 2 year old at 6:15pm. We managed to get a table, but it was one of the high tops. We had a special high chair that clamps onto the table, so we had no issue with the 2 year old. Otherwise, I would be a little leary about the high top with a sometimes squirmy toddler. The ICOB staff were very accommodating and even offered to make a mac and cheese or grilled cheese for the kids. I opted for an order of fish and chips and said I would split it between the 2 kids. Well, the kitchen came out with two half orders, ie already split and ready to go for the kids. Really fabulous! ESK has a very kid friendly menu, so you would fine with either.