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Mar 22, 2012 07:27 PM

Cupcake City in Reading?

I just noticed this place in Reading, across the street and sort of between the old and new Calareso's Farm Stand. Any reports? Google says they've been open since before Thanksgiving.

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  1. I've tried it probably on 4 or 5 times. in general I have found there chocolate based cupcakes to be delicious. however the vanilla based cupcakes, except for the lemon were dry and not very good. Service was friendly.

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      Thanks for the report! I hope to get there later this week.

    2. We stopped in yesterday after picking up a chicken pot pie from Harrow's. The man at the counter was so friendly and happy to talk about the cupcakes and how they make them. He said they are all made in-house from scratch with all fresh ingredients that they get from Calareso's every day. He said nothing comes from a can or jar and the cupcakes have no preservatives. He suggested we eat them that day or the next or they could taste stale.

      We bought 4 to try - carrot cake, signature chocolate, Hostess and strawberry shortcake. My husband loved the carrot cake and said it was the best of the 4. It was extremely moist and even felt heavy to hold. I love chocolate, but the chocolate was almost too chocolatey. But I still ate it. :) The strawberry shortcake was delicious and had a lighter frosting than the others. The Hostess was good, but didn't really taste like a Hostess cupcake. I suppose that could be a positive!

      They did taste like scratch cupcakes in that they were more dense than the box cupcakes we usually make at home that are very fluffy and airy. The edges were a bit crispy which my husband thought was great. Smaller than a Crumbs cupcake, but when you are eating 4 between 2 people, I guess that is good.

      The man working there (owner? I am not sure) even walked me to the car because I was juggling my toddler and the box of cupcakes.

      Great customer service and we will try some other flavors next time we are in the area.

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      1. re: corduroy

        Thanks for the report, and prompting me to make mine!

        I picked some up last week, but didn't get to eat them until the next day. They didn't taste stale to me, but I could tell they weren't as good as they'd have been fresh. We had a teenage girl at the counter. Not as friendly as the man you had, but fine.

        We got lemon, salted caramel, Hostess and red velvet. The lemon and salted caramel were hollowed out a bit to allow more frosting. The red velvet may have been as wel but it was my daughter's and she got a bit territorial after she thought my bite was too big. I thought that was the most unimpressive of the bunch- no real taste to the cake, although the frosting was good. I liked the one bite I had of the Hostess- I loved the string dark ganache on top and thought the chocolate cake was moist and chocolatey. I didn't get a bit with the cream filing so I don't know how that was. I thought the strong chocolate flavors might be too strong for my picky son but he gobbled it all down. I had half of the lemon and half of the salted caramel. I thought they both were good, with moist cake and a really nice buttercream frosting. The lemon also had a lemon filling which gave it a nice tart kick.

        With "gourmet" cupcakes it always feels like I'm paying more than they are worth and this is no exception… $2.75 for a cupcake on the small side feels a bit dear. On the other hand, the quality seems high and forced portion control is is not a bad thing ;) I'd probably get them again for a treat.

      2. Cupcake City has a truck now, too. We tried them tonight at Malden Center; they offered a food truck special of 4 cupcakes for $10, so a little bit of a discount off the usual price (still $2.75/ea).

        I had the peanut butter: nice, devil's food cupcake, tasty peanut butter frosting that was not too sweet and good peanut butter flavor. A dab of ganache under the frosting, as promised.

        My older son licked al the frosting off of his mint cupcake so I didn't get to taste it. I sneaked a bite of the cupcake below and it seemed more fudgy than the one under the peanut butter frosting, but maybe that's because his cupcake had chocolate chips in it too.

        My hubby and our other son had the Oreo cupcake. The 3-year-old ate it all without comment; hubby liked the moist chocolate cupcake and enjoyed the frosting, though he says it didn't really make him think of oreos.

        Overall we thought they were very good, not-too sweet cupcakes. I would probably choose them over the Boston Cupcake Girl (in WInchester, but they've been selling at the malden Farmer's market) for our family because of the price and they have more kid-friendly flavors. (Though to be fair to CUpcake Girl, I did enjoy the cucakes we bought from them, too).

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          This is so awesome to know that there is a decent cupcake place in Reading--I'm going back to visit family in a few months and have been trying to keep a watchful eye online to see if there are any places I would like to especially try. Cupcake City seems like it would be a good one.

        2. I'm not big on sweets,but a co-worker brought some Cupcake City cakes to work the other day and I was very impressed. I'm not a big fan of Sweet or Kick-Ass as I feel they're just out to capitalize on a fad, but the cakes from Cupcake City were light, fluffy, and most importantly, had the right balance of flavor and sweetness.

          I look forward to stopping into their shop to pick up some for my Mom's b-day!