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Mar 22, 2012 06:49 PM

Almond croissant at Cannelle is.............

STELLAR!! MAGNIFIQUE!! Can't stop thinking about it--Cannelle Patisserie

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  1. It is a truly ethereal experience! As is the passion guava danish...but yeah, the almond croissant is ALL THAT... :)

    1. In my experience, anything with croissant-like pastry in it is outstanding there. The problem is eating just one.

      1. I just had the almond croissant this morning and thought it was good, but not worth a special trip.

        1. Must. Get. This. Next. Time! My husband and I live in Woodside and have hard time resisting Cannelle but have slowed our roll for the last several months, afraid that we would actually start to roll. I went in about two weeks ago and it was extremely busy. I already had in mind way too many things I wanted and totally over ordered as it was, so I didn't buy any of these almond croissants. EVENT THOUGH, they brought out a fresh batch right in front of me and it seemed every single person ahead of me online got one. Uh, oh. Looks like another trip to Cannelle this week!

          It is also my experience that all flaky pastries there are a little bit of sweetie heaven.

          Aside from flaky pastries, my favorite cake there is the Creole - and i have never even been a fan of coffee or mocha. But, oh my. It is cake perfection. The weekend before last, we had to postpone a family gathering celebrating my son's second birthday and you can imagine how disappointed I was that we had to eat the whole Creole birthday cake ourselves. ;)

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            Last time I was at Canelle, the almond croissants were flying off the shelf (or out of the basket)! By the time I got to the register to order, there was just one left. Thankfully, they arrived just in time to refill the display. I liked the almond croissant very much.

            1. re: Justpaula

              is it worth the schlep from outside the boro? how does it stack against ceci cela, or city bakery's unique pretzel croissant?

              1. re: christinepierce

                After being a semi-regular for the croissants at Cannelle, I had one from Ceci Cela and thought it was vastly inadequate (in taste, texture, shape, flakiness).

                1. re: E Eto

                  Will have to check this out, Bien Cuit is still my favorite.