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Mar 22, 2012 06:46 PM

Puerto Vallarta Zona Romantica dinner suggestions

Need a last minute (leaving Sat. morning) suggestion of an enjoyable restaurant in the Zona Romantica section of Puerto Vallarta. We aren't seeking anything gourmet or pricey, but rather a place where a family of 6 (including 6 and 8 year old children) can have a delicious, reasonably priced and authentic Mexican dinner. I have one night yet to plan, and we'd like to have one dinner in this area.

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  1. The problem is too much choice. In the main tourist area there is Bistro Balsamar, Cafe Bohemio, Coco's Kitchen, Don Guacamole, El Dorado, just to name a few of the ones that would be good. these can be checked with Google. But there are many more you can check out along the waterfront on Pulpito and up Basilio Badillo.
    Authentic is somewhat relative. Currently I think the most popular is No Way Jose where you probably need reservations.

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      Muchos gracias! I appreciate your sending the names of these restaurants. We had been searching Basilio Badillo on Trip Advisor, but most of what sounded good and fun didn't sound suitable for our needs. (Just can't see us lining up on a sidewalk and sitting in a crowd of people downing cerveza.) I ended up submitting a request for a res at No Way Jose but have not had a response yet. But do you feel it's too touristy and not very authentic? Would any of the others you mentioned be more suitable?

      1. re: simonsays

        Well Puerto Vallarta and that area in particular is a tourist town so the restaurants are designed to serve visitors. As I said No Way Jose is currently the most recommended Mexican restaurant in the Romantic Zone. You're right about Basillio Badillo. There are a lot more restaurants on the street that are not authentic, noisy and crowded.

        You didn't say exactly where you're staying. You should be aware that there is a major tourist convention in PV. The area particularly north of the RZ will be congested on Sunday and Monday.

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          Just got home last night, and I would have to say that No Way Jose was totally the perfect choice! In fact, it was the most wonderful restaurant experience we had in the entire week. The menu, food, service, and ambiance were all wonderful, and we all truly enjoyed the evening we spent there. Thanks for your recommendation and your assistance!