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Mar 22, 2012 05:17 PM

Casual/yummy SLO Thursday dinner

Looking for an easy dinner after being in the car most of the day - any ideas? With a 17 y.o. - he's read about the side car on here and thinks that sounds good - I think that sounds like way more energy/time/money than I want to deal with right now

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  1. Downtown SLO at dinner on Thursday is going to be a nightmare to navigate - it's Farmer's Market night, and if you're unfamiliar with the spectacle, then take my word for it and avoid it like the plague. Several streets will be blocked off and parking difficult to come by, as mobs of people descend on the market. Honestly, it's a bit out of the way, but I'd suggest getting onto Hwy 1 and heading out to Cambria and going to Linn's. Good, plentiful food and a casual atmosphere.

    1. After being in the car all day I wouldn't want to drive another half hour to Cambria when there are many options much closer.

      Bon Temps Creole Cafe is just off 101 at the Hwy 1 southbound on ramp. We recently enjoyed Et Voila on Los Osos Valley Blvd, again just west off in the middle of the car dealerships.

      Depending on which direction you're approaching SLO from, Hush Harbor Bakery is a few miles north in Atascadero, call first to check on their hours for the day you're traveling.

      South in Pismo Beach is Thai Talay, Giuseppe's, and the Crab Cooker.

      1. The 17 YO might really enjoy FM and work off some energy from being cooped up in the car all day........there are lots of downtown restaurants that you could stop into after wandering around. What might be close to your hotel ? (Are you staying downtown?)

        1. Thanks for the replies all - wish I had been more on top of it to post earlier - we ended up going to del's which was pretty much exactly what I expected but the perfect amount of driving and downtown avoidance. You'd think a teenager would be down with the farmers market and I would have been but was met with resistance. :). We have been in the summer and both of us find it justa little too crowded for our personalities - maybe this time of year would be a better bet? We are staying at the courtyard of Los osos so et voila sounds convenient. I am looking forward to checking out the Saturday fm so if anyone has any prepared food gems let me know. We're from chico and our fm is Saturday so I want to get my fix :)

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            dang, I was too late with my FM post...maybe next time.