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Mar 22, 2012 04:33 PM

Edinburgh on Sundat

All top-rated venues seem closed, specially at lunch, although we could squeeze an early dinner. as we are aboard a small cruise ship, we will be looking forward eagerly for a venue in which to mingle with locals.

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  1. best chance of mingling would be in a pub, though the locals may be staring spaced out at the football!

    stockbridge doesn't get many tourists, bailies is an old fashioned pub, hectors is more of a modern pub/bar

    Stockbridge tap opposite hectors is a friendly pub, though i don't think they sell food these days. If you're on a cruise will you be in Leith? Plenty of pubs around there - i'm not so familiar with the area, king's wark is a pub known for its food, the malt shovel next door used to at least serve stoves

    Leith and Stockbridge are a bit like communities in themselves - village like has been the term applied to stockbridge - the locals are different in both and from pub to pub! - so you might need a tour of Edinburgh to get representative sample of what the locals are like.

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      Orchidalbion -- Thank you so much. Yes, we're in Leith, what's the top pub open on Sunday? How about the Kings Wark?

    2. What time do you mean by early dinner? On a Sunday you're not likley to find a busy top end restaurant in the evening. The most obvious that are open being The Stockbridge Restaurant, Wedgewood and The Number One at the Balmoral. If you're just looking for a laid back affair then I'd head out for a Pub lunch on the Sunday. We had a great lunch at the Sheeps Heid a coupld of Sunday's ago. It's not right in the city centre so you'll probably want to get a taxi there and you'll need to book as it can get very popular

      1. Ondine is open 7 days a week.
        Valvona & Crolla serves lunch on sunday.
        The Dogs is also open 7 days a week.