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Mar 22, 2012 04:21 PM

Alex & Ika - Cooperstown

Located on the other end of Main Street from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY, this restaurant scores where it counts: farm-to-table ingredients and an inventive preparation that stops short of the culinary esoterica that turns off the locals. The funky converted-house vibe with amateur art on the walls has become a cliche, but the food makes up for the eye roll-enducing decor.

My wife had the "BAT" a play on the BLT (Apple smoked bacon, arugula, and tomato), which was flavorful, fresh and delicious. I had the fish tacos (deep fried cod, a delicious corn relish, avocado, and an aioli that had me licking my fingers. We tried sides of kimchee (good, but I like my cabbage cut a bit coarser than this), and the black beans (which smelled amazing and were just as delicious).

Nestled alongside Cooperstown's faux pub grub and high-cholesterol cuisine, Alex & Ika is a great find.

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  1. Two words - fish tacos. Wonderful place.

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      Fish tacos, any of the chowder soups, fingerling potatoes...I eat there every two weeks without fail.