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Mar 22, 2012 03:36 PM


Gourmet Schnitzel House
2286 Kingston Road, Scarborough ON, M1N 1T9 (map)

Tel: 416.264.7268

We have been looking for REALLY good schnitzel in Toronto for about 20 years. FINALLY!!! The schnitzel is lightly breaded and deep fried, crispy and deliciious. Cucumber salad creamy and refreshing. We will definitely return, and soon!

Blaine and Allison Kremer

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  1. i'm glad you found it and joined chow to share it with does sound yummy

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    1. re: ingloriouseater

      Is the schnitzel pork or not? Is it already cokked or is it prepared to take home & fry? Now that Reither's on Church Street is closed I am looking for another Austrian/ German butcher.

      1. re: Smachnoho

        Vienna Fine Food on Birchmount one set of lights north of Eglinton. This is a seriously good Austrian/German butcher/deli. They're strictly a butcher/deli. Don't go there for anything fancy schmancy. Go there for your dinner meat, your deli, herring, and pickles.

        Supplement that by driving up the road to Montmartre Bakery a terrific Austrian/German bakery so you have a place to put your deli.

        Free on site parking at both of these places.

        1. re: Googs

          Sounds awesome. Love the old-skool independents.

        2. re: Smachnoho

          it would appear to be a restuarant not a deli

        3. re: ingloriouseater

          We checked it out when it was first shared on the board but we decided it wasn't worth returning for. Really nothing special. Europe Restaurant on Bathurst is our go-to.

            1. re: tochowchick

              Europe, on Bathurst St. just south of Lawrence, does most of the Hungarian classics - schnitzel included - quite nicely, though there's not much difference in quality between it and its nearby competition, Paprika, also on Bathurst St., several blocks north of Lawrence Ave. But if atmosphere means anything to you, Europe is a bleak room, especially at night, when few guests deign to venture inside. Often just one or two tables are occupied in a pretty big room. Mind, it does have a licence, unlike Paprika, which is also kinda dreary, and often empty. Unlike the good old days on Bloor St. between Spadina and Bathurst, when the many Hungarian restos on that stretch were invariably lively and raucous. I don't know how Europe and Paprika stay in business. Perhaps the traffic on weekends - when I've never been - sustain them.

              1. re: juno

                Whenever I'm in Europe it is usually fairly dead, but I've been told by some it has it has very busy nights. Never seen one myself but there you go.....

                I much prefer Europe to Paprika, which back in the day used to be my go-to. Both schnitzels are delish but in terms of service between the two there's no comparison. Or so I think. Europe's is much better, quicker, MUCH nicer (Paprika has always been staffed by mean old cranks), and more accommodating. Europe's atmosphere is perfectly fine to me.

                Plus it takes an hour to get a simple schnitzel at Paprika. The waits! My God! And the last two times I went some food was spoiling. Never again.

                Also, Paprika is cash only (they might accept Mastercard, can't recall), which to me, in this day and age, is unacceptable.

                1. re: magic

                  We went to Europe a couple of weeks ago, Sunday at lunch. The place was packed with big tables of 3-generationfamilies. They must be doing some business because they've been there for ages. Loved the schnitzel, dumplings, beet salad. The place was great, and the lone young woman doing the serving was amazing, handling all those tables by herself. Most definitely will be back.