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Mar 22, 2012 03:32 PM

Need help with one week in San Antonio

I'll be in San Antonio for a week later this spring/early summer and need some help finding places to eat. I'm staying at the SpringHill Suites near the airport and will have a car. I'm thinking I wouldn't mind a 15 minute drive, but anything farther than that had better be something amazing to be worth the trip.

I'd like to keep lunch to around $15 and dinner around $30, with maybe one dinner higher than that.

I don't really like Tex-Mex, which I admit I should have thought of before signing up for a class in SA. I can't handle anything spicy. I like shrimp, and being near the gulf (compared to Michigan), would appreciate a seafood suggestion. I'd love to find a place that has grass-fed beef from a local farm.

I tend to avoid chain restaurants in favor of locally owned places. Anything fresh, seasonal, local, and/or organic would be up my alley. Places that list farms on their menu get bonus points.

http://www.biga.com/ - Is this worth the trip for my 'splurge' dinner? Do you know where I can find a menu with prices?
http://www.doughpizzeria.com - Sounds amazing, especially since I want to try the burrata bar.

http://www.crumpetsa.com/index.php - Any thoughts?

I was in the Dallas area a few weeks ago and really enjoyed http://www.theranchlc.com.


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  1. Dough is excellent.
    I'm not a big fan of Biga. I'd avoid the downtown area if you can, it's a bitch to park and it's mostly touristy dreck.
    For a splurge dinner head down to the Pearl Brewery complex, only a 10 minute drive from your hotel. Il Sogno is amazing Italian food, expensive. They also own Sandbar in the same complex, great fresh seafood. The head chef is a former James Beard nominee.

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      Thanks! The Pearl Brewery complex looks great.

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        Agreed. Sandbar would be a great option for the seafood. The burrata at Dough is great.

        I'll add Luke, by John Besh. The cuisine there is a mix of Besh's French Creole cooking with local Germanic heritage. Maybe a little overpriced at dinner, but the lunch and happy hour are good deals Casoulet and soft shell crab BLT are recommended. If you are into cocktail culture, then The Esquire is a fantastic place to go.

        Anyone from out of state needs to try some decent brisket. Brisket is notoriously fickle, so it is hard to recommend one place. However, I think Two Bros Smokehouse is the most consistent. Make sure you get it from the fatty side, even if you pick the fat off, the meat is better from that side. Other solid places are The Smokehouse on Roland, Old Smokehouse of Fredricksburg, Ed's Smoke N Q on White, or the trailer BBQ on the south side of Nacodoches and 410. I'm pretty certain all of them, except for the trailer, are open lunch and dinner. There's also the option of taking a drive outside of town. Google search Full Custom BBQ if you're interested in that.

        Freetail Brewery is the best place in Texas to get a beer, but I wouldn't waste a meal there.

      2. For an inexpensive seafood option give El Bucanero a try. It's Mexican but not everything is spicy. They are on the East Side at 2818 S. WW White Rd but they are currently building a new location in the North Central on NW Military near Hardberger Park. From the looks of it driving past, it's almost ready to open!