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Mar 22, 2012 03:23 PM

Wishing Hong Kong Chowmeet a huge success!!

Just a short note to wish all the chowhounders going to the 2* Ming Court Chowmeet a great time!!

Do not forget to post review, with tons of photos!!

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  1. Same here - am waiting to hear about the dishes ordered, and what the CHs taking part in the dinner think of it. Ref to the original thread:

    Photo from last HK Chowmeet (Mar 2011) posted by our dear Charles (sorry I had to miss that one, too, Charles):

    1. Charles - it was a very fine meal, great company, good food and some fine wine. NilesCable did a great job of setting it up and organising the menu, wine etc. and a special thanks to Charles for remote support.

      We started with pre-dinner drinks in the wine room and sampled a very interesting Argentinian Malbec (does anyone have notes on the wines), then into a private room for the food. With the meal we drank a good Pouilly-Fuissé, a local Chinese wine, and a fine Australian Shiraz. Niles had pre-ordered a set menu (sorry no photos from me as I forgot the camera!). Great service from the hotel (thanks Eva). Here are my notes on the food:

      Roasted sliced suckling pig with foie gras sauce, braised bean curd sheet with black truffle topped with gold leaf, duck tongues and chinese herbs in chili sauce - I think this was the hit of the meal: the foie gras sat on a deep fried lotus root and was topped with crispy suckling pig, a great combination of textures and flavours. The bean curd sheets were incredibly delicate and worked very well with the truffles, quite a revelation. And the ducks tongues were very well prepared making them delicate not chewy.
      Braised bird nest soup with crab meat - great flavours with the birds nest lending a wonderful texture. The ethical alternative to sharks fin.
      Stir-fried sliced spotted garoupa served two ways - one steamed the other fried with sweet/sour sauce
      Stir-fried diced wagyu beef with black truffles and pumpkin - good well flavoured beef with slightly crunchy pumpkin. Good but didn't really come together.
      Crispy boneless chicken with fried Yunnan ham and walnuts - I really enjoyed the chicken a cut above many other restaurants version of this dish.
      Braised seasonal vegetables with crabmeat and black mushrooms - a decent rendition.
      Fried rice with shrimps and meat wrapped in lotus leaf - very well flavoured.
      Dessert of the day - a decent egg custard
      Chilled jelly with medlar and cannel
      Deep-fried mango rolls with almond - a squishy mango cream filled cigar of pastry and almonds. A great end to a fine meal.

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      1. re: PhilD

        Wonderful update - thanks, PhilD. Wished I was there :-)

        1. re: klyeoh

          Indeed, it was a fine event! Everything was very good to excellent, but would agree that the beginning and the end were the best.

          1. re: Uncle Yabai

            As soon as I catched up with work here back home I will post up my review along with the photos I made. Overall, it was a very nice evening with great company, hope we can do this again soon!

            1. re: NilesCable

              Looking forward to your posting especially the photos!!

            2. re: Uncle Yabai

              as the manager told us during my only meal there, all gweilos love mango. Of course, we all felt pretty offended and never went back…

              1. re: Peech

                As far stereotypes go, that's not even true! A lot of people I know don't like mango. Mostly gweilos, actually. The natives seem to take more to it.

                1. re: Uncle Yabai

                  The truer stereotype would be "all gweilos hate durians" :D

          2. re: PhilD

            Well, I finally found the time to give my review and present the photos of the dishes. Basically, PhilD has done a good deal of the work already with the listing of the courses, which were very well prepared and presented. My personal favorites where the starter plate (especially the suckling pig), the stir fried diced wagyu, the boneless chicken and the very well presented dessert plate. The birds nest soup was also very well done.

            Special kudos go to the "wine guy", very knowledgeable and well traveled (he even had three wines from Austria in his wine room).

            And the chinese wine was also very interesting for me, as I didn't taste it before. What was this again exactly?

            And also, here are photos of each dish we had.

            1. re: NilesCable

              As an additional short information on my trip, I also visited the Tim Ho Wan in IFC but have to say that being more expensive, it lacks the final finesse of the original locations food.

              And the Sunday brunch in the Conrads was very nice, good food, especially the seared good foie grass and the dessert buffet. And a very nice view from the Niccolinis section, where I got a window table.

              1. re: NilesCable

                Wish I was there!!!
                Great looking food!!! I had almost the same starter plate when I had my tasting menu there the last time. The suckling piglet was indeed very good!

          3. Interesting. Wished we have something like this in Singapore.

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            1. re: makanputra

              We actually had it before in Singapore but too few show up!!!

              1. re: FourSeasons

                Okay, I'm guilty as charged. But someone's got to look after the grandchildren! ;)