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Mar 22, 2012 02:44 PM

need hip, trendy, delicious resto recommendations please

Can anyone recommend dining options for me and my husband on a Saturday and Sunday night in TORONTO? We will be in town for a quick anniversary getaway and are looking for some hip, trendy options. Cuisine genre is open. We love it all. Atmosphere- love a busy, loud, sexy vibe and definitely love great food.

Price doesn't matter, but prefer a downtown NY crowd over an uptown NY crowd any day. We are in our early 30s and also love a few cocktails, too!


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  1. Buca is very good. The bread knots are so delicious. Try the deep fried pig's ears if they have them. Their pizzas are good as well. I had the bigoli (duck pasta) and friends had the rissotto (you have to order for two) and everyone loved their food. It's a very trendy place in Toronto and it's definitely loud in there!

    If you do go, it's a bit strange to get to, as you have to walk down an alley, so be sure to have good directions!

    1. The Downtown restaurant scene mostly skews the direction you are after with the obvious exceptions of the hotel restos like TOCA and $tock and a few fine dining places like Nota Bene.

      +1 for Buca or Gusto 101 around the corner from it, the Black Hoof and it's affiliated Cocktail Bar across the street. Grand Electric if you don't mind lining up, Keriwa, Parts & Labour (gets mixed reviews here but has always worked for me), Enoteca Sociale, Woodlot, Campagnolo. All the usual suspects that get discussed here a lot are mostly going to fit what you want.

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        To this I'd add The Westerly or maybe The County General.

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            I went to Campagnola for the first time last night. There were 5 of us and we went with the tasting menu. You have to ask for the tasting menu. You could also just order a bunch of things and share them (and the cost could likely end up being similar, depending on what you want to try). I liked this restaurant a bit more than Buca and our friends said they liked it better than Enoteca Sociale. We had squid that was excellent and an amazing sweet potatoe pasta. Everything else was very good. Our server, Sylvia, was fantastic.

          2. guu izakaya? (definitely loud!)
            yours truly? (go later for the late night menu if you want louder)

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              When does the last night menu start and do you know how much $$? Also, reservations necessary?

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                i think you can order from the snacks menu at any time. when i had gone there, my boyfriend ordered 5 dishes from there as his dinner, while i got the veg tasting menu. all prices are really cheap for the creativity that you get. is the website, i think... something like that

            2. I'd recommend Bestellen, 1 month old, super trendy and way more of a Downtown NYC scene. It can take a little while as they are still working out some kinks but they have a wicked cocktail list to help pass the time! It's sure to become a must hit spot on here soon!

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                what do you mean by a downtown NYC scene? is their a resto in lower manhattan that it is akin to? as for their wicked cocktail list do they have another-larger list other than what is on their website?

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                  The clientelle and servers were all very hip beautiful people the night i was there. Also the mural and the ageing fridge that you often see the chef running in and out of, reminds me of the meatpacking district in Manhattan. I haven't seen the drink list online but the food menu is larger so I'd assume the same for the cocktails. I had a "Little Lady and it was delish! Sorry for the confusion earlier i was at work and trying to type it out ASAP!

              2. Gio's in Leslieville is loud, has a great vibe, and the food is excellent.

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                  Gio's is OK as a neighborhood joint goes but it's frankly pretty far from the kind of thing the original poster is really looking for.