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Mar 22, 2012 02:31 PM

pre-theater near 59th and 10th?

Are there other options besides Hanci Turkish (854 10th?) for an early dinner so we can still walk to an 8:00 curtain at The Gerald Lynch Theater (524 West 59th). Is Molyvos a better choice than Hanci? Others? Much thanks.

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  1. There's a Greek restaurant (Greek Kitchen) right on the corner of 58th & 10th.
    I've enjoyed it when I've eaten there - they've renovated since I ate there last - was at the theater this week, and the restaurant is looking good. Enjoy COSI -

    1. Confused. Molyvos is not close to the theater. What are you looking for? The closest and best Greek or Turkish spot?

      If you're willing to go that far to Molyvos, there are better places in similar distances - Lincoln Center spots for example. Though maybe not Greek or Turkish.

      Does that make sense?

      (BTW, I do not like Molyvos. I think it looks and feels like a Greek-themed AARP convention at a Ramada Inn somewhere in Ohio. The menu and service seem ham-fisted and/or corny.)

      Maybe the renovation referenced by Jane A has improved it?

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        Not Cosi but Il sogno di Scipione (rarely heard Mozart). Don't care what cuisine-- could be anything. Molyvos is close enough to walk in 15 minutes (I think). Lincoln center much longer. Am going to check out Greek Kitchen. From Menu I couldn't tell if it was just take out. (So many portals, so little time.)

        1. re: elizabeth2929

          Got it. Much better places closer than Molyvos. Remember, those avenues are broad! i.e 7th - 10th Ave.

          For example, though I have never been, some respected posters here enjoy La Silhouette. 362 West 53rd Street.

          Lovely, quaint ethnic (?) gem on 9th avenue in 50s: Wondee Siam

          401 West 52nd Street

          510 West 52nd Street

          Have a great night.

      2. Taboon (Middle Eastern cuisine) is on 10th & 52nd. We've never eaten there, but Hounds who have say the food's good.

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        1. re: RGR

          So many choices. I think we'll cross off Molyvos (eaten there several times with same group and have never been unhappy. Truth in posting -- we are AARP certified. However that means the walk is not such a good idea. No one has mentioned Hanci. Any info?

          1. re: elizabeth2929

            Re: Hanci. We've never been. Have you tried doing a search of this board?


            1. re: RGR

              I did a search for Hanci before I posted and the only mention was (like a few on the above replies): "We haven't eaten there, but we hear it is good...."

              1. re: elizabeth2929

                Perhaps, then, you might want to take one for the team and report back. :)


                1. re: RGR

                  Have eaten at RGR's suggested restaurant, Taboon, and can personally recommend the food there.

        2. I recently ate at Hanci. The space is pleasant (and pretty quiet early in the evening) and the folks who run the place are very nice. You get a nice basket of Turkish bread. It was a cold night, so the chicken soup was a welcomed treat (very rich) and I enjoyed the eggplant and pepper salad.
          I'm not as big a fan of grilled meats, which is mostly what you'll get for the second course, along with some tasty rice and some basic vegetables.
          I really enjoyed the kazandibi for dessert (custard-y) and the coffee was good. Pretty small, very basic wine selection-passable, not great.

          I've also eaten at the Greek Kitchen on several occasions recently. I think the quality of the food is pretty high for the price point, and the seating is pleasant if you are out in the glassed-in sidewalk area. The wines by the glass are decent, and the service is friendly, if a bit slow.
          Note that you get a salad when you order a main course, which is enough for me. The shrimp was nicely cooked, the pastichio very good, as was the moussaka.

          Another nearby spot is Kennedy's-don't be fooled by the bar in front-the back room is comfortable and pleasant, and very able service. I've enjoyed the crab cakes (though I'll say not packed with crab-but average ratio) and the chicken pot pie.

          While none of these are "destination" restaurants, they are all basic, solid and modestly priced.

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          1. re: David W

            I didn't check in after March 23 after we decided to "take one for the team" and go to Hanci. David W's report hits it exactly. "Pleasant" is exactly the right word and we all agreed on that descriptor as we left. Not overdecorated, quiet and mostly empty early on, we had efficient service from our Ecuadorian server, a clean bathroom, and a check that came to about 35.00 a person including tip for four of us. We had an $18 appetizer for the table, 4 entrees at an average of $18 each, and two $7 glasses of wine. (I especially liked my generous pour of Turkish house red served in a large wine glass). No dessert or coffee. Mixed appetizer had good smoky eggplant and the above-mentioned tasty eggplant and pepper salad. I ordered an extra tomato and cucumber salad with memories of fresh salads in Istanbul. (Sorry, New York modestly-priced restaurants can't duplicate it.) Mixed grill entree, grilled bronzini, stuffed cabbage, were all "basic and solid."

            Uskudar on the Upper East Side is better–and more money. (We ate there on a first-ever-for-us Amazon deal to save 50%. The food was fine but even in an empty restaurant at 4 in the afternoon, they refused to budge on even a slight substitution from the "deal" menu, even if we paid extra. It made the experience unpleasant. We would probably never go back -- or even sign up for another Amazon deal no matter how attractive. So "pleasant" wins out every time.

          2. I would highly recommend La Silhouette. The food and service were excellent and there is a very attractive pre-theater menu.