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Mar 22, 2012 01:30 PM

Chinese red dates?

Munched these for snacks as a kid and found them easily at grocery stores. But can't find them now, decades later... I'd actually like to use them quasi-medicinally in a ginseng chicken soup I'm making.

Admittedly, I've only tried Whole Foods, Rainbow, and Berkeley Bowl, but I was surprised at the completely blank looks "Chinese red dates" drew. On googling I see they are also apparently known as jujubes, which I wasn't asking for. I'm avoiding Chinatown (SF or Oakland) b/c of parking hell and wouldn't know where to go anyway, but if anyone has a specific store name...

Any tips?

Thanks so much!

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  1. They are sold at farmer's markets in the area. I have seen them at Ferry Plaza and Berkeley farmer's markets and am sure that when they are in season, they are at Alemany, at least they were 20y ears ago. I don't know when the season is. Jujubes is usually the name on the stands.

    1. are you looking for fresh ones or dried ones? most dishes (soups, dessert soups, drinks, medicinal brews) I've had them in involved the dried ones. The fresh ones were always eaten out of hand.

      1. interestingly enough I have seen these (at least dried version) at markets that carry Persian food products - or more generally, "Middle Eastern" markets. I've never been, but Oasis Food Market in Oakland - Temescal district - probably has them. I think they would call them jujube dates as well. Parking should be relatively easy. Lots of posts about this market on this thread.

        Oasis Food Market
        3045 Telegraph Ave.
        Oakland, CA 94609
        Tel: 510-655-5111

        1. Also Ranch 99 in Richmond. Big parking lot there. There is also, in Oakland Chinatown, a market that has an underground parking lot. Orient Market (I think) on 7th.

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            Of course -- should have thought of Ranch 99. Thanks, everyone!

          2. Chung Chou City, where you can get pitted and un-pitted dried red dates.