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Mar 22, 2012 12:45 PM

Fish Market, Mid-City, Larchmont, Miracle Mile, Hollywood?

Can anyone recommend a decent place to get fresh fish in the area bordered by, say:

Santa Monica Blvd to the North, Pico to the South, Larchmont to the East and Crescent Heights to the West?

I know about the markets in Glendale and Pasadena and I know about Santa Monica Seafood and if I am in those names, I can stop there, but is there anyplace in the Mid-City area for every day shopping?

It doesn't have to be amazing, live fish in tanks, super great selection, but I won't buy fish at Ralph's, either and I find some Whole Foods' selection to be poor.

How does the fish market at the Farmer's Market rate among the Chowhound set?


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  1. Do you mean the Third street farmers market at Fairfax or the various farmers markets in town? I used to live in the area and the only place to really get good fish around there are the various Farmers Markets. You have your Sunday one at Larchmont, the Sunday Melrose one, and the Sunday Hollywood market. All three of them have lovely fish vendors. The third street/fairfax farmers market -- i am not sure. the owner of the fish places there is the same owner as bob's donuts and they pride themselves on fresh good ingredients to get the donuts so yummy. so i kind of want to think the fish there would be OK? but i'm not sure. btw, i agree with you regarding whole foods fish. and, their smoked fish is not good.

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      Apologies. I meant the market at the 3rd St. Farmer's Market. I am looking for a place to go on a regular basis when the mood strikes me but it seems from your response and others, that the weekly neighborhood famers' markets seem to be the only real choice.

    2. There is also 1 fish seller at the small farmers' market in the Plummer Park lot on Mondays. I haven't bought anything from him, but there are usually several people in line, which could be a good sign.

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        is that the market on Fountain in weho? If so, that fish truck is awesome. It's the same truck that's in the hollywood market on sundays and the pasadena market on saturdays.

      2. The (real) farmer's markets have a few quality vendors. I prefer Sea Fever at the Hollywood Farmer's Market. They sell the fish they catch. If I don't catch the fish trucks I go to Maccalls in Silverlake.

        WF and BF will sometimes have decent fish. But not always.