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Mar 22, 2012 12:34 PM

Restaurant request, Crystal City VA

Coming in on the 30th for 2 nights We would like to get some local inexpensive-moderate non touristy restaurants for dinner. I believe there is a restaurant row near us around 19th or 20th ? We are staying at the Embassy Suites in Crystal City. I think there was a decent bar restaurant with pool tables but I am sure that much has changed since our last visit 4 years ago.
Thank you all for your help!

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  1. I like the Cafe Pizzaiolo - but I haven't been in a couple of years.

    1. Just to give a bit of bearing, you'll be at the North end of Crystal City, but that part of it is all relatively compact anyway (5-6 blocks?).

      There is a greek place on about 20th that looks good - I haven't been, but one slow day at work soon I'll make the trek for lunch. Here's their site:

      Kabob Palace on 23rd (there are two - the one that's "quick serve" is the recommended one). Every time I've gone it's been great, and it's had many good reviews here. However, Steve is a prominent contributor and reported a bad experience not too long ago. I can't vouch, I'm only reporting.

      Otherwise, there is Jaleo, Ruth's Chris, Morton's (though I despise them - Morton's that is), and Ted's Montana. Also McCormick and Schmick's and a thai place that seems okay. If you're in the area Friday around noon there may be food trucks available.

      Beyond that, I am not really up on the offerings on 23rd street. Apparently the Mexican place just across Rt 1 on the North side of 23rd is good, but I can't vouch. However, Crystal City is a short metro ride to many places on the Blue, Yellow and Orange lines, which open up a LOT of choices.

      One personal rec would be to go to Clarendon by way of the blue to orange line, then go to Nam Viet (though there are many other options) and then slowly meander down to Courthouse and catch metro back. Alternatively you can easily hit the Fed Triangle area and such places as Central, Rasika, etc. Which may be more impressive for a visit (since the mall is right there).

      1. Kohinoor Dhaba is off the beaten path. Solid $9 Indian buffet items you won't find at Kabob Palace. Not much to look at, but this keeps the tourists at bay.