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Mar 22, 2012 12:30 PM

New Richmond BBQ question...

Now before you direct me to old posts about Richmond BBQ, I've already read them.
Visiting from TX for a couple of days so I'm not interested in Alamo or Buz and Ned's.
I'm interested in those little places out side of the place you drive 20 miles for and it's the guy that has a smoker out back of his local mini-mart. Or where you go and turn right on the road where the "Marshall place was before it burned down 35 years ago"..the places your really have to work to find. Does anyone have any suggestions along those lines??

thanks in advance!!

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  1. If you're willing to drive well outside of Richmond, there is Prince George's BBQ (located right where I-295 S dumps onto Rt 460 E. If you're willing to keep driving on 460, keep going down to the little town of Waverly and go to Cowlings.

    1. There is a cart like that just over into Goochland county off US 250 near the Manakin Sabot I64 exit. CD's BBQ.
      I think the cart used to be south of US 250 behind the bank but now it is north of 250 near the food lion, on Matthews Lane, because of the road construction in the area. Pretty good ribs, once got a smoked shoulder that was pretty good (not as good as my own, of course)

      They have a FB page and they are open until 7 PM

      Near there, if you have a hankering for some fried chicken, there is a citgo gas station (Wise Choice Citgo on Ashland Road) that does some pretty good fried chicken (not the usualy fakey-type gas station fried chicken) they also do other fried foods (chicken livers on thursday, fish on friday, pork chop on mondays) and have some of the best rated chicken tenders in town according to several food blogs. The Wise Choice gas station is closed on Sundays. I sometimes go to both places if I have some in the family who want ribs and some who want chicken.

      1. If you want to drive all the way to Charlottesville, Jinx's might be what you are looking for:

        1. as a followup...have addressed these places ,with my brother who lives in Richmond, in advance of my visit. Just got this review today....

          Grabbed a bbq sandwich at CD's yesterday ...

          Located on the "far west end" (that's what the area is referred to) of Richmond, about 15-20 highway mins from downtown.

          Sits just off of Broad Street (Richmond's historic main drag).

          Not a restaurant. It's a trailer, sort of what you'd find at the county fair type of thing. But exceptionally nice. Trailer is permanently anchored and is remarkably clean, inside and out. Outside picnic table type seating under a tin open air shelter.

          Wood is stacked perfectly in front of 3-4 bbq's, outside.

          Been around apparently for 40 years or so ... wood smoked bbq.

          Wonderful grandma type working the trailer. Really nice lady who I spend better part of 10mins chatting with.

          BBQ was real tasty. Definitely had that "wood smoked" tang to it which I found to be welcomingly different from other bbq that I'm used to. Prices not a problem.

          Would surely go back again and take a closer look at the menu to see what other offerings are available.

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            where is this place? i live in the far west end and have never heard of it.

            1. re: AMFM

              Its not really far west end, it would be "far far west end " as some of us jokingly call it (i.e. eastern Goochland) but only a couple of miles past short pump really.

              Still, pretty good Q out of a truck, though I haven't had it recently since I avoid the area with the construction right now.


              Not sure if the 40 years is accurate but he could have been doing it elsewhere or maybe I just never saw it before about 4 years ago

              1. re: PenskeFan

                ok. i know where that is. will have to check it out.

          2. Has anyone tried the BBQ trailer in Shockoe Bottom in the vacinity of Poe's Pub? Seemed to have more than a few people waiting on a Saturday at 4pm. Strickly take out though.

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              That would be Ronnie's...have not tried it but have heard good things about it.

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                Ronnie's is good for ribs & chicken.