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Mar 22, 2012 12:21 PM

Pasadena food lovers

anyone eat at Houston's steakhouse or Green st tavern? need help in finding a good place to eat.

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  1. Yeah I went to Green St Tavern a while back. Had the lobster ravioli. It was good! Haven't been to Houston's though.

    1. Houston's is a really good, higher end chain restaurant. Very good dinner and lunch selections, no corkage fee when you BYOW, and a well-trained wait staff. Best veggie burger in town too.

      1. Green Street Tavern is a finer cuisine and more expensive. But I do like the burgers and the Thai pasta salad at Houston's.

        1. Houston's is, as others have noted, a high end chain. They are really geared for turn over and as such, have a limited number of starters and desserts. They want to to sit down, have some wine or a cocktail, enjoy a nice entree, and then leave. I am not saying that it is a bad way to go, but it is not a 2 hour meal.

          That said, all the food is decent, The steaks are not at the level of Morton's or Ruth Chris, but neither are the prices.

          Some other options you might consider are Bistro 45, Maison Akira, Roy's,and Cafe Bizou.