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Mar 22, 2012 12:20 PM

Authentic French bistro/brasserie (not fine dining) Westside to South Bay preferred

I was all set to go to Le Saint Amour in Culver City (had good experience last time I was there) but according to Yelp it appears to have closed.

My date and I are looking for a place where we can practice our French language skills while eating a good French meal, so we're looking for real French food with French-speaking servers.

MUSTS -->French-speaking, bistro/brasserie level, not fine dining (please don't suggest Melisse :) Food needs to be good--mediocre faux French won't do!

FLEXIBLE -->If we have to drive (if there is nothing in Westside-to-Southbay) that would be ok.

How is Le Petit Cafe in Santa Monica? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Uhm. L'epicerie is just down the street from Le Saint Amour. The owner is tres French, they play French music, the cheeses/wine larder is all full of French stuff. They have French rags next to the cafe area, ad nausea.

    Don't know how the food is these days, since the chef left, but if you stick to cheeses/foie, you can't really go wrong.

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      TonyC--thank you, I hadn't heard of this place before, will check it out!

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        I like Le Epicierie but I don't know if the food is what you're looking for. I'm not sure if any of the waiters speak French either. Take a look at their menu and see for yourself. We used to go to Saint Amour regularly too and I really wouldn't say Le Epicierie is anything similar.

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          I've pedaled by Cafe Pierre in Manhattan Beach, but have never tried it. I did see Jerome recommend it here on the LA board before.

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            I agree, the food at Le Epicerie is not great and the ambience is not really brasserie either - more like a cafe/small marketplace.
            MEET is a French bistro a few doors down from Le Saint Amour on the same side of the street which I like better.

      2. I've had a a couple of good meals at Le Petit Bistro in West Hollywood over the years. I think the owners might be French-Morrocan but can't recall if the servers speak French.

        1. Aimee in Redondo Beach. The owner (Aimee) is French and always comes around to the tables. I have had French speaking waiters there in the past but haven't been in a while.

          1. There's a cute place in Santa Monica called Madame Chou Chou. Owned by a French couple. One of them is always there. I'm not sure all of the servers speak French, but the owners are always close's a small place. They're very charming. Menu is small...but quite good.

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              Madame Chou Chou is relatively expensive, but everyone in there always seems happy with what they're eating..

            2. it's not a bistro/brasserie but La Petite Creperie in Mar Vista has fabulous crepes, French press coffee, a charming room and tres Francais servers.

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                Good to know--will keep in mind for future reference. Thanks!