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Mar 22, 2012 12:14 PM

Perfect pairing for 2005 Joel Gott "5" Cab

I'm putting together a multi-course dinner that'll include my wine guy and his wife. I'm wanting to (maybe) feature this wine:

Wine guy sold it all, so thought it'd be fun for it to 'appear.' I'll probably decant for an hour, but then serve it with...what? I don't want to do a grilled steak, as I don't want to have to leave the table for that long (or depend on the weather, which is often icky during the planned season).

I'm actually not a big cab guy. Pinot is my bag, which is a better match for most of my go-to dishes.

I'm guessing it would be meat. It'll be surrounded by...
1. Plated starter (smoked salmon pate on endive scoops (pink sparkler
)2. Wild mushroom and duck consume soup (Chinon-style Cab Franc)
3. Salmon in a pistachio/orange/olive-oil sauce (Alsace pinot blanc)
4. This course
5. Cesar salad (big, waxy Semillon)
6. Dessert TBA*
7. ER for gall-bladder removal.

*I have, on occasion, paired a real zinfandel -- not late-harvest -- with a dense chocolate mousse in a currant coulis, which can be rather great. But I don't think it'd be so swell to go that way, given CS's more vegetal notes. I can nearly always perceive green bell pepper.


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  1. It should go with something with a lot of unami and either grilled, braised or roasted (this is due to the "cigar box" tasting note on CT). Lamb or beef would be my pick.

    I'd also decant if you are still getting a ton of oak/cigar box notes.

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      Also, pan searing the lamb/beef would also work you just want a bit of that char/carmelization flavor.

    2. Beef Stroganoff. Don't laugh. Get a serious recipe. Takes a while but all but the noodles are best made the day before.

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        Jock, (and others) thanks so much. Actually, I see your point. My partner LOVES beef stroganoff, so it'd be a win all the way around.