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Mar 22, 2012 11:44 AM

St. Louis Downtown Dining Alone Options

This is my first trip to St. Louis (as an adult), and I'm staying at the Renaissance downtown. What's a good option for dinner for someone dining alone? I'm not huge into dining alone, so looking for a bar type setting. Nothing over the top expensive. Thanks!

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  1. The good news is that you are in the loft district, which has activity well into the wee hours and many dining choices. I have dined solo at Mosaic and Mango both recently, and of the two I think I like Mango (Peruvian) a little better. Never made to feel hurried and both pleasant spaces with good food. Both within a short walk west on Washington from your hotel. Both of these places have bars but are otherwise restaurants, I should add. For a more bar -like atmosphere,, maybe try Dubliner or Over/Under.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. I ended up going to Mango and was quite good. Sat at the bar. Worked out very well!

    2. I recommend Bridge Wine Bar and Tap Room, which is on Locust between 10th and 11th, a short walk away. Obviously, it's a bar and the eating isn't too bad. For casual, you might also try Bailey's Range, which is a more "creative" hamburger bar, also a short walk away at Olive and 9th. These two establishments have the same owner. I have dined alone and you won't feel out of place.

      For higher end, I recommend Prime 1000 on Washington, which is one of the city's better steak places that also has a bar. Finally, I have not been (though have wanted to), but you might also contact Blood and Sand, which is also a short walk: it's a members only speakeasy and restaurant that claims to have creative and top food, and accepts non members on Monday through Thursday. You'll find some mixed reviews here, but it might be a more interesting option.

      For snacks, you might try Tavolina Gelateria on Washington and Park Avenue Coffee on 10th Street, which sells St. Louis's own gooey butter cake (better than it sounds).

      Otherwise, as already noted, you have many options on Washington of variable quality.