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Mar 22, 2012 11:39 AM

Where can I buy Liver Knishes?

My grandmother in Philly keeps asking me to find some for her, and I'm going to see her over the weekend, so I wanted to try and find a place that sells liver knishes here in NY, that I can freeze and give to her to reheat in the oven.

She doesn't want potato/spinach/etc., only liver.

Any places in Brooklyn (or Manhattan) that still make them?

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  1. What a piece of priceless nostalgia! I actually get a wry smile from the crew when I ask for them every time I go to Knish Nosh on Queens Boulevard...although they haven't been made there for over 25 years. But when they were, they were the richest round hockey pucks you ever ate.

    That said, can't help you...but you can likely make them yourself by coring out a potato knish and filling the skin with chopped liver, then re-bake to reduce the moisture content.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. My parents used to get them when I was a kid & I loved them (probably helped that didn't know that the filling was liver). They were apparently made in Boston & sold frozen but I've never been able to find them, or ones like them, since. Such a shame!

        1. I'm pretty sure pomegranate sells them. It's a giant kosher supermarket/deli on Coney Island ave and avenue L. All their deli stuff is great.

          1. For a catered party at my mom's nursing home about 10 years ago we were ordering off an old menu from Ben's Deli. Even though they were off the menu the chef was taking my order and told me he would make them for us. I know they have a branch in Midtown. As they say, couldn't hurt to ask.