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Mar 22, 2012 11:06 AM

Question about Komi

We'll be in DC for a few days in May and are contemplating Komi (or Minibar if we can get in since we loved e in Vegas).

My question:

We're not big fans of greek food/Mediterranean seasonings. Are Komi's flavors along that line, or is that just an inspiration?

(and as an aside.. we're staying in dupont circle and would love suggestions for cocktails -- is the columbia room worthwhile? -- and places open late for ethiopian food... willing to wander...).


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  1. It's just an inspiration - not Greek per se. The last time I went, they asked if there was anything I didn't like. I said no, but by the end of the meal I wished I had mentioned that I don't care for cardamom - it popped up 2 or 3 times during the evening. Komi is an excellent restaurant; I really can't imagine anyone being displeased with it.

    I haven't been to the Columbia Room yet; it gets very positive reviews though. You might also consider The Gibson, which I adore.

    Etete, my favorite Ethiopian of the ones I've been to in DC, is open till 1:00 a.m.

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    1. re: woodleyparkhound

      Thanks for your quick response.
      Cardamon + cumin are my two unwelcome flavors. (combined with a distaste for all-spice from my dining partner).
      Etate looks perfec for the just landed dropped of bags and went to get food place.

      The Gibson looks interesting. Is it reservation only?
      Are these all places we can go to San Francisco nice casual?

      1. re: margieco

        San Francisco nice casual? - You should be fine at most places they don't care as long as you can pay the check

        1. re: margieco

          Reservations recommended at The Gibson, though I went there once without one and was able to walk in.

          SF nice casual is fine.

          1. re: margieco

            I'm not a cumin fan either. Has never been an issue on any visit to Komi.

        2. Komi is wonderful even if you do not like traditional Greek food.

          If you do the tasting menu, which I recommend, you'll get a diverse spectrum of tastes and dishes, many of which are -- at best -- "Greek inspired".