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Pink slime meat in SD

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Disturbing article in the UT today about this. Does anyone know about Bristol Farms, Jonathan's and Harvest Ranch markets?

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      I hope a link to Rob Lyons is meant to ironic...

    2. I heard in a news report yesterday that Safeway (Vons) will discontinue the use of PS, guess the article confirms that, it won't change my personal preference to avoid their meat dept.

      1. The local San Diego markets are just the tip of the iceberg. How 'bout all the restaurants and bars serving those juicy burgers and other products made from ground beef that is sourced from some big restaurant food supplier? Sounds like it's time for the San Diego-area restaurants and bars that are committed to keeping pink slime out of their burgers to speak up and be known. I for one would put those guys at the TOP of my list for places to take my family to eat.

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          I've been eating less and less meat and have only been getting organic mostly at WF and now I see it was a wise choice. It's a rare day when I get a burger at a restaurant. I have hunters in the family and elk and caribou, honestly harvested and free range, is just so much more appealing to me. Tastes better too.

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            I asked the vendor (not Sysco) from whom I purchase beef and beef patties if they contained Pink Slime. The vendor was not able to answer the question but was at least willing to check with their meat processor in Vista.

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              This confirms why I grind my own meats.

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                That's definitely the best way to know what you're getting -- also allows you to create some interesting blends.

                On a slightly different note, today the manufacturer of pink slime suspended operations at three of their four plants. Sounds like San Diego may be on the way to slime-free burgers at long last.


          2. Here's a pretty good list of chain grocers that currently don't use pink slime.


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