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Mar 22, 2012 09:49 AM

Baltimore Fun

I'm celebrating my 40th with a handful of friends on a Saturday night in April. Trying to think of something fun and moderately priced for dinner. Would like to be in an area where we can wander to a bar afterwards since none of us get a night out all that often. RA keeps popping in my head for atmosphere and price but was hoping for something a little newer (to me). Any type of food - sushi, thai, mexican, new american. Hoping to avoid a 20-something scene. Ideas?

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  1. You posted on the mid Atlantic instead of the Baltimore/Washington board.

    1. Two places in Fells Point immediately come to mind-- 1) The Olive Room-- This is owned by the same people who own the Black Olive. The food is just as good, but it's a lot cheaper. I actually like the atmosphere better here than at the Black Olive, and there is a great view of the harbor from most tables. 2) Mezze-- Tapas is always fun and easy to make affordable. Mezze has great drinks and wines, along with a diverse selection of excellent food. My favorites include the lamb meatballs and roasted salmon. Happy early bday!

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        I'd second Mezze, although not necessarily a "new" place as the OP was hoping for. Love the spinach fritters and lamb chops, they have good drinks, and you're right in the heart of Fells Point for continuing the celebration after dinner.