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Mar 22, 2012 09:23 AM

How do you store your glassware?

I love glassware but constantly have to stop myself from buying more since I have very little storage space and no cabinet space at all. I was looking for some sort of rack like the overhead racks used in bars, except modified to stand on a surface, but haven't found anything of the sort. I might have to invent it myself.

Anyone have any ingenious methods of storing glasses, especially stemware and other non-stackables?

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  1. I have never been a fan of stemmed glasses, so I use Crate and Barrel Winson "single-malt" glasses for both up and rocks drinks, unless there's a reason not to (e.g. highball, not festive enough", serving wine). In addition they have a very heavy bottom which serves as a heat sink, as well and thin sides that are pleasant to drink from. Alas, they chip in the dishwasher.

    What this means is that I can 4 glasses frozen in my freezer. I keep handy a few stemmed glasses -- conical "Martini", white, red, port, snifter (I know, but I still like them), and flutes -- as well as some special highballs (from my grandparent's wedding, including their names in silver). I keep the others up high and only get them down for parties where I need more than a few of each.

    Also, sorting some glasses head-to-toe (every other glass inverted) sometimes saves just enough space to fit another row.

    There are racks that mount under cabinets to hang glasses. I don't see how they would save space in a cabinet, though. Just add another shelf if you have that much height.

    One other tip: foam shelf liners minimizes chipping when putting them away.

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    1. I also have to slap my hand at picking up more glasses. I store them in the hutch with the family china.

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        A friend broke one of my cocktail glasses last week, leaving me with an uneven number, so now I have an excuse to go out and look for more :)

      2. I have a stand-alone cart that stores wine bottles in the bottom, at the top it has 6 rows to "hang" wine glasses above the bottles and then a "lift off" tray on top for serving if need be. Saves trying to store stemmed glasses in my normal cupboard. The cart itself has locking wheels so it can be moved around.

        1. I've a rack that's made to hang underneath cabinets where I hang the stemware that I use most. The biggest problem with it is that I've lost a lot of height clearance in that little corner of the kitchen, and can't run the toaster there any longer. Otherwise, it works great. I've another one like it for wine storage that fits underneath the cabinet over the microwave, putting that unused space to use.