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Mar 22, 2012 09:14 AM

2 nights in Belfast? where to eat

We'll be taking the train into Belfast, arriving Friday evening (3/23) and leaving on Sunday midday. Question I post is where do you suggest as not to miss places? We have 2 small children, who are well behaved. Prefer to not spend too much, or too stuffy an atmosphere. Hole in the wall restaurants are fine. A short cab ride is fine, too far out we'll save for another time.

We eat all kinds of food, I think seafood is meant to be very good....What are Belfast's specialties? We just moved to Dublin, so we'll be back again...
Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Have a look at the menus for Ginger Bistro and Mourne Seafood Bar. Both are relaxed but buzzy and I'm sure both would welcome well behaved kids. These are my 'go to' dinner spots whenever I'm in Belfast as the food and service has been consistently good. The seafood in particular is excellent and much better value than in London. Both of these restaurants are central - walkable depending on where you're staying or a quick cab ride.

    Mourne was so good on a recent trip we ate there twice in one day. The piri piri prawns and crispy squid starters are wonderful, so fresh, and they do kid friendly mains like 'proper' fish fingers and a steak for non-fish lovers.

    If you have time on the Saturday, check out St George's Market - great for just wandering around with kids. You can grab breakfast or a cheap street food lunch there, or just milkshakes, cookies etc. Some lovely local produce too - nice gifts to take home.

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      Thanks very much for your suggestion of trying Ginger Bistro. We were unable to get into Mourne Seafood as well as Made in Belfast. -the only spots either had available were for 5pm on Saturday night. Me thinks it was because of the children, which is disappointing. But, we did get a 9pm table at Ginger Bistro and it was phenomenal! For starters we had scallops with chorizo and black pudding. The chorizo left a tiny pool of juices to swipe the scallops and black pudding through. MMMMM! Dinner was smoked haddock as well as pork belly with a celeraic puree. The pork belly just melted in my mouth, and the haddock was perfectly moist and flakey. For dessert we had the banana tart tatin, the banana was gorgeously carmelized. The entire meal was the most memorable part of our trip to Belfast. We found the staff very knowledgeable and helpful and the restaurant was a cozy respite. The prices were reasonable, especially when compared to Dublin, our new home. When I closed my eyes sitting in Ginger Bistro, I could nearly be in San Francisco.

      Unfortunately we hit the St. George's Market at the tail end of Saturday but were pleasantly surprised to find so much Indian food, as well as Mexican and Spanish booths. Ginger Bistro was such a lovely gem, and they didn't mind our children - who slept and watched an ipod. Thank you!

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        I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! I remember the pork belly there being particularly good and the prices very reasonable for the quality of food. It's the sort of place everyone should have as their go-to neighbourhood bistro.

        Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip to Belfast!

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          Absolutely! Any suggestions for a similar type restaurant in Dublin? I can give you my list of them in SF if you go

          1. re: weezy1074

            I'm afraid not - I haven't been yet sadly. Definitely do a search of the UK board for 'Dublin' though.