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Mar 22, 2012 09:05 AM

suggestions please! : job interview/ lunch

An suggestions for a restaurant to conduct an interview/lunch?

Its for a position as a sales engineering position. He said he didn't have any preferences (which only makes it harder). He will be coming in from Mopac&183 so, preferably, it should be in the vicinity. He's not too familiar with Austin, but I got the feeling that he was accustomed to chains.

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  1. I've done business lunches at the Roaring Fork at Braker/183. It's not too loud where you can't hear each other but it's not so quiet that you feel like everyone near you is hearing what you say. Food is good and nice ambiance.

    1. A couple of questions: are you asking for a chain recommendation? If so, a search through Yelp might be more appropriate. Do you have a price range in mind? A type of cuisine? An impression you want to give to your interviewee (laid back, sophisticated, businesslike)? Sales people are generally used to eating whatever their client wants, so it makes sense that they would express no preference, but I bet that given a few choices, your candidate would pick something interesting, not to mention possibly telling.

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        These are question I have. I really don't know what an appropriately priced place would be ($, $$, $$$ ?) Given the choice, I'd would think $$ (moderate) ,but really, I'm not sure.

        Several choices would be good.

      2. in there area there are several places depending on $$. NXNW, Manuels, and Z-Tejas are right around that intersection (as is Roaring Fork which was mentioned). Further South you have Maudie's and 11 plates along with 360 Uno at the 360 & Westlake intersection. Across the street you have Trento. Any of these will work and are appropriate for an interview lunch.

        1. Bartlett's (formerly Houston's) just down Anderson off of MOPAC, and Cover 3 (also on Anderson) are both excellent business lunch options with very good food. The brussel sprouts aside the daily scottish salmon or other fish special is a fantastic low carb tasty meal. Good service is consistent there too. I also love the Rueben and Calamari Salad at Cover 3. Both establishments are on the left before you get to the corner of Anderson and Braker about 6-8 blocks off MOPAC due east. I also second roaring fork.

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            I assume they need to talk so I would definitely not recommend Cover 3, the loudest restaurant I have ever been to. Maybe its different at lunch.