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Mar 22, 2012 08:24 AM

Making burgers romantic....

Here are the specs : Date night for parents of an 8-month old, he wants- nay 'deserves' a cheeseburger, gotta be worth getting a babysitter for. I would have a burger but I'd like options as well. Something romantic, or at the very least an atmosphere conducive to good conversation, thinking around $125 with a cocktail each, tax and tip. Would do Hell's Kitchen, East or West Village, this Saturday night .....thoughts??

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  1. Minetta Tavern, though they don't put cheese on their famous Black Label Burger. But this is kind of last-minute... not sure if there are still any availabilities at Minetta for this Saturday. Can't hurt to call.

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      Just saw this thread when I first opened up Chowhound. Just have to ask if $125 is really the going rate for two cocktails and to burgers in NYC now? We have some nicer burger joints around here that you could get the same thing for about $60 probably less. It's crazy to hear prices of some of the places around the country.

      1. re: Rick

        No, it's not quite $125 (yet). Minetta's Black Label Burger may be the most expensive burger in the city at $26 each. Their cocktails are $15 each. So... you're looking at $105.68 all-in (8.875% tax + 20% tip).

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          A couple of side notes: Minetta will put cheese on the BLB, you just have to ask. They don't recommend it, and will probably tell you so, but it's up to you. I don't think it detracts from the beef, myself (it's a fairly mild cheddar, IIRC). I believe I read somewhere that either Hanson or Nasr even eats theirs with cheese (...or something like that).

          Also regarding "most expensive burger" status--that might belong to db Bistro's at $32. I seem to remember someplace having an even heftier price tag for their burger which included gold leaf or some such nonsense.

          1. re: Cheeryvisage

            DB Bistro Moderne's burger is $32, so Minetta's black label burger is a bargain :)

          2. re: Rick

            We're dessert people, so if you tack on two of those, and maybe share an app- cocktails at an upper-end place can run in the neighborhood of $15-20, my DH likes his aged bourbon- with tip, it can easily get in the neighborhood of $125- doesn't have to but since we haven't been out in a while, I want to be something out of the ordinary

        2. I love the burger with roquefort at the Spotted Pig, but I haven't tried Minetta's Black Label burger yet. At least half the patrons were on dates the last time I was at the Spotted Pig, but it is a crowded, noisy place, and the atmosphere wasn't conducive to easy conversation. That being said, I found the atmosphere cosy, warm and a little romantic in a loud, bustling, cluttered, casual way. Maybe the noise level varies depending on the time you dine there, and whether you're seated upstairs or on the main floor. That being said, the Spotted Pig's burger was the best cheeseburger I've had, and I really like their desserts.

          1. Go to most steak houses and they serve an awesome burger. I personally love the ones at Wolfgangs and Wollensky Grill. You can certainly get the romantic atmosphere at plenty of steakhouses and you will have alternative choices as well.

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            1. re: princeofpork3

              Great idea, thanks prince! Your suggestion made me think of Craft, (craftsteak on the brain?) which reminded me I have heard good things about Colicchio&sons. Their tap room menu features a burger as well as other options so we will check it out and report back. That is, unless someone has had a bad burger experience there....any recs much appreciated!

              1. re: coco99

                Many of the steakhouses only serve their burger at lunch, but their taprooms might serve it at dinner. DB Bistro burger is a thing of beauty...

                1. re: coco99

                  I actually just had the burger at Colicchio & Sons and while some may like it I thought it was too sweet and the bun was way too big. It just wasn't very satisfying.

                  I highly second the burger at Minetta Tavern. They have two- one is the expensive Black Label but they also have a second which is much cheaper and I actually prefer it. The Black Label tastes more like a steak which is delicious but when I'm craving a burger I want a straight up burger which is what it sounds like you're looking for.

                  The Spotted Pig is also a good option however it does get very crowded and can be a bit cramped. It sounds like you might want a relaxing setting for a night away.

                  1. re: roze

                    Thanks roze! We ended up at Colicchio & sons. Didn't get a res at Minetta Tavern on such short notice and Spotted Pig only does blue cheese on the burger which I love but DH does not. That being said, our meal was good. I started w/ oysters, he had the merguez and flatbread, both tasty. Then I had the caviatelli w/ braised short rib, it was good but there was a horseradish cream on top that I didn't understand at all. He had the burger, which he liked but he had a vision of a big sloppy patty with melted cheese and bacon and fries, none of which was on his plate. We ended the evening on a high note with the flourless chocolate cake and our server was terrific but....we won't be back. Just wasn't special enough to return to. And I still owe DH a great burger.....

                    1. re: coco99

                      Chocolate Cake always make everything better:) At least now you have an excuse to go out again soon for another burger.