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Mar 22, 2012 07:41 AM

need great rest. for 2 foodies at heart with 2 kids under 6

We are taking my 6 & 4 year old girls to NYC for a long weekend, I would love to take them to some great places that are not chains! I could use some suggestions so my husband and my elf get a great meal and the kids are happy too!
We love everything and so do the kids, any suggestions?

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  1. You need to provide much more detail in order to get any responses.
    "...great places" " We love everything!" and Non-chains still leaves about oh, 5000 or so options, even with kids.

    Which meals?
    How much do you want to pay? Remember tax and tip of 20%. Will you drink?
    When is this trip?
    What cuisines do you prefer/not care for?
    What areas of the city will you visiting? That way we can suggest places that are near your toruist destinations.

    This thread is active right now; also includes links to other threads about kid-friendly options.

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      There are sometimes kids at Otto at some off-hours. Great wine list for you guys and there should be plenty of food options for the kids.

    2. We are staying in Times Square for 3 days in May. I dont mind going out of TimesSquare for dinner. My daugther is celebrating her 6th birthday, I found places for breakfast and lunch, I am planning on Serendipity and Ellens Stardust Diner for lunch. I am looking for dinner options for Friday and Saturday night. I really dont have a hard budget, would like to keep each night under $250.00! My husband and I would like the option of cocktails at dinner. My main goal is find a place that will fill both needs, I would love to dine a Craft, La Silhoutte, the Modern Bar Room... but there really isnt anything for the kids... they do like pasta, seafood, steak...

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        Take The Modern Bar Room for example, they have a lobster pasta (Maine Lobster Pappardelle au Poivre), a number of fish dishes, and steak (Black Angus Beef Tenderloin). Does this not work?

        Also, take a look at this post if you haven't already:

      2. For something high-end, we had a great meal at Aquavit last time my my brother was in town with my 2-year-old nephew. The adults got to order form the main menu, and for the little one we picked some things from the a la carte bar menu - swedish meatballs, etc. Great time was had by all, and they were very accomodating. Now that the main dining room is smaller, it's a bit "buzzier" noise-wise, so having a kid there didn't feel out-of-place. Not as serene as it used to be. Also, it'd be near your hotel. It would be slightly over your budget once you include drinks, tax/tip, etc, but they often offer a 30% off deal through that would put them well under it, if they happen to have discounted tables available on your selected nights. Worth checking.

        For something a bit more casual, The Modern Bar Room is a good option, although I find the portions there a bit on the small side - it can cost nearly the same as the main dining room for me leave satisfied. The "Tap Room" at Colicchio & Sons might be good, too - reasonable prices, hearty New American fare, and unlike say, the Bar Room at Gramercy Tavern (the closest comparison) they take reservations. Riverpark, another Tom Colicchio owned place (I mention them specifically since you mentioned Craft) is also really good - actually, I think better than the C&S Tap Room - though it's a bit out-of-the-way, especially if you don't know your way around the city. It's kind of "hidden" in a complex along the East River.

        If you're into modern Japanese, Morimoto can work with kids - it's big and bright and buzzy, and the menu is all over the map in terms of prices. The adults can have the "Oysters Foie Gras" and gin-cured yellowtail pastrami and whatnot, while there's chicken soup and lobster fritters and such for the kids. They make some solid cocktails there as well.

        The BEST cocktails in a restaurant, IMHO, though, are at WD-50. It would stretch your budget a bit - although I'd guess the kids could have appetizers for their entrees, which would bring it down a smidge. The food is fun and playful, and they're surprisingly kid-friendly, especially at earlier dining hours. (I wouldn't bring the kids there for a 9:30 rez, mind you...) - they're usually happy to have people in for kitchen tours, and the chefs might be able to dazzle your kids with a little liquid nitrogen trickery or something if you ask them in advance. No guarantees, of course - if they're busy that might not be an option, but I know they've done it before for people. It'd be a splurge, true, but you could always splurge one night and go (budgetarily) lighter the other night, so it evens out.

        At a lower price but similarly playful are Jehangir Mehta's two places - Graffiti and Mehtaphor. The former might be a little tight / cramped for kids, but the latter could work rather well. And everything's under $20.

        Otto, mentioned above, is very family-friendly although not terribly adventurous in terms of the food. One of the less exciting Batali restos, IMHO. I'd sooner do Lupa - not terribly adventurous either, but I think better. Casa Mono could work, too - most of the dishes are small, and relatively inexpensive, so it's easy to find stuff for the kids to nosh on.

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          Thanks Everyone, I have been having a blast researching menus!

          1. re: foiegrasgirl

            If you haven't already, fggirl, make sure and read the recent "Help--which of these are NOT kid friendly??" discussion, which covers much of the territory that interests you.


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            I've also enjoyed meals with my girls at Colicchio & sons and Morimoto. and more importantly it's right by the highline which makes for a lovely day.

          3. Landmarc in the Time Warner Center
            Blue Smoke for BBQ and a fun kid atmosphere
            Otto but not on Friday or Sat night

            1. i have two daughters (6 and 1), and i take them everywhere.

              my oldest loves sitting on the stools by the open kitchen at momofuku noodle bar to watch the chefs. she loves the pork buns and ramen. and eating / playing with the chopsticks.

              our most recent fun food adventure was at wolfgang's steakhouse. she had the porterhouse, creamed spinach, and creme brulee. the servers treated her like a queen which i think is key to making it an enjoyable experience.

              we've done her birthday two years in a row at alice's tea cup. i enjoy serendipity, but this might be more fun for the girls.

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                The servers at Keste are incredibly charming and gracious toward my 3 year old, she loves to watch the pizza making, and the pizza is great.