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Mar 22, 2012 07:26 AM

Bar Volo

Several years ago we ate at Volo Italian Caffe at 587 Yonge & enjoyed our meals. When I googled it, more recent references to the restaurant called it Bar Volo. But they don't seem to have a website. Is it still there & is the food good?

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  1. Its a bar that is focused on Beer. They do have a website
    I have only gone there for Beer (pricey) and didn't try the food.
    Friends who have tried the food says it is decent.

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      thanks for the website. It doesn't look like they have the Italian food selections that they did when I ate there as Volo Italian Caffe.

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      1. I feel like you're looking at two different places. Bar Volo has been there for many many years and I'm pretty sure it's been beer-centric for that long as well. The did have pastas and stuff, but it was never an Italian cafe, as far as I know. Then again, Volo has only been on my radar for the last 4 years, so...

        Food there is secondary to beer and I wouldn't opt to eat there.

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        1. re: jlunar

          I think it's the same place since the address is the same (I kept their business card). My mind gets foggy about how long ago - maybe it was 6 - 8 years ago. Thanks for you opinion about the food, since that's the main thing we're looking for.

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            You might want to try the WayBack machine at www.archive.org which has archives of the internet. Try www.barvolo.com, for something in 2006 or 2007. They had a "Sicilian" menu back then.

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              thanks - a Sicilian menu sounds right.

        2. Saw an article over at Toronto Life about their new menu, I don't see a real dedicated Bar Volo thread here but it is mentioned a lot in terms of recommendations for beer drinkers.

          They wont' have table service anymore,

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            I am a big fan of Bar Volo's beer, but their food items never seem to attract me. I did visit Bar Volo once when they were "Volo Italian Cafe". I remember getting a meat platter to share and nice crusty bread to go with our beer. Nowadays, it is more a place to visit when I want good beer selection. To me, their burgers and sandwiches are like sliders. I would say go for the beer and stay away from the food.

            1. re: Yq214

              From the link, sounds like a totally different style of food though...

              "will include charcuterie from Grant van Gameren’s Crown Salumi and the new Hogtown Charcuterie, pretzels from Woodlot, a house-made mustard and a selection of cheeses, pâtés and terrines."

              1. re: ylsf

                Looks like they have *really* pared down the menu and now focus only on little tasting bites.

                New menu is up on the website: http://blog.barvolo.com/food