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Mar 22, 2012 06:43 AM

Wine in Vegas [moved from Wine board]

I am going to Las Vegas in a few days' time for a 5 day bachelor party. This means there will probably be a pretty rigid itinerary and I won't be able to get to any wine bars. I would therefore be very grateful if anyone could recommend some great wine shops so I can get some good wine to drink in the hotel during breaks from watery beer and other bachelor party-like things!

I don't get to go to the US very often, but where I live the supply of Californian, Washington and Oregon wines is pretty good, so I am not wedded to wine shops that specialise in US wines. Any great wine shop, either with a large selection or a lovely little boutique place perhaps focusing on a particular region somewhere in the world would be great.

Thanks in advance!

...but in case I do manage to escape for a short time, if there is any wine bar or restaurant with a great by-the-glass selection to sample, I'd be very grateful for recommendations.

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  1. I think the wine list (all 63 pages of it) at Lotus of Siam is insane. No one would have thunk that a Thai restaurant in a strip mall off of downtown would keep a cellar like this one. It is arguably the best collection of German wines in the country (and nice values, especially in bottles with good age). Food is great too.

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      A lot of places allow corkage, too. Although always, always call or e-mail first for confirmation. The list at Lotus is great and reasonably priced; no real reason to take your own wine in there. Asking for Bank is very good advice. He knows the list and is great at pairing.

    2. I opened this thread to recommend Lotus of Siam, but someone beat me to the punch.
      There's a couple of restaurants at the Cosmopolitan that are supposed to feature excellent wine selections, more food friendly wines than trophy wines, but I don't know which ones.
      Valley Cheese and Wine in Henderson had the best selection overall of any wine store I've been to in the Las Vegas area,but that's because it carries importers like Kermit Lynch and Louis/Dressner.
      Total Wine & More sucks for imports but it can get some gems from California, like Ridge, at good prices.
      If you go to Lotus of Siam be sure to ask for Bank.

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        Thank you both very much. The wine list at Lotus of Siam is pornographic (especially given that I am a Riesling fanatic). How unexpected!

        Will also check out Valley Cheese and Wine. I have never been disappointed by anything Kermit Lynch has recommended.

      2. Total wine in Henderson has a good selection

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          i'm probably too late for your trip but i just had to respond anyway. i too am a riesling freak. where else can you find a middle of the road wine but still both dry and sweet aspects also? last time in vegas we ate at the Primarily Prime Rib at the Spouth Point. we were recommended a 2009 Leonard Kreusch Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling Spatlese Mosel which turned out to be excellent. since then we have tried numerous other Leonard Kreusch varieties and have loved all of them. very reasonably priced for the quality. enjoy!

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            Thank you! Am in Vergas now making evening plans and just logged in to see if there are more mesages, so your timing is perfect! Thank you and the others very much. Will check out your Riesling recommendation.

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              Follow up on second part if you have time.
              The "M" casino has a wine bar called the Hostile Grape. You can sample close to 200 wines. Live entertainment on Saturdays. 5-6 miles south on the strip. Also the Wine Cellar at the Rio. Nice place. Hope you find time.

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                For a nice wine (and beer) shop with excellent customer service I've always liked these guys: