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Mar 22, 2012 06:12 AM

Healthy food Downtown

I know that there are plenty of options for salads and the like in the skyway and food trucks but I'm looking for pure protein. Something that's not loaded with carbs. The Turkey to go truck used to have turkey legs but not anymore. Anyone have any suggestions for other options?

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  1. Downtown Minneapolis I assume?


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    1. The Smack Shack food truck. Lobster roll.

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      1. The Turkey truck doesn't have turkey legs anymore?!?! Be right back. Going to go drown my sorrows...


        Wasn't there a truck last year with kebobs?

        1. I haven't worked downtown in about 5 years, so my info may be a bit outdated, but these were my go-tos:

          The chicken kebabs at the Greek Grill in the city center skyway are one of my standards. I get it with a greek salad on the side.

          Ike's Food & Cocktails -- you used to be able to get the carved turkey and/or roast beef on top of a salad.

          Macy's -- in the basement, the hot food bar would have fried chicken (I remove the skin) or sometimes grilled chicken breasts with steamed veggies.

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            Good call on the chicken kebobs...protein AND vegetables.