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Mar 22, 2012 05:28 AM

chicken breasts stuffed wiht sinach and feta - would a provolone or asiago work as well?

Hi all,

Making chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and feta cheese on Sunday, and I was thinking - feta is good, but how would asiago or provolone cheese be? Would they go as well, or shuld I stick to the feta?



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  1. Sure! Make it more of a Chicken Florentine Involtini and give it an Italian slant vs. Greek. Provolone works as well as Fontina. Any melting cheese will do-- whatever you like.

    1. they will work fine, just adjust seasoning accordingly, since the feta is much saltier than either of the other two.

      1. I would think that feta works in this because it doesn't melt the same way as the other cheeses. It seems to retain it's place within the breast. Are you totally encasing the filling, or rolling it up with ends kind of open? If it's totally encased, no way for the cheese to run out, then yes, any cheese would do. But, if there is a chance for the cheese to leak out, then I would stick with a cheese that is less "melty."

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          If I'm using a more melty cheese, I sear the roll and deglaze the pan with white wine & chicken stock (herbs, shallots, whatever's on hand) and bake in the oven so the cheese becomes part of the sauce.
          No matter the cheese, I use twine to secure the rolls as best I can.