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Mar 22, 2012 04:05 AM

The taste of sugar cane vinegar vs. other vinegars

The Asian markets here have a special going on right now, a bottle of Datu Puti brand sugar cane vinegar plus a bottle of their soy sauce shrink-wrapped together. Seems like a good deal, but only if I end up using it, of course.

Can anyone comment on what sugar cane vinegar tastes like and what it's used for? This style of vinegar seems popular only in the Philippines, if where the other brands of sugar cane vinegar are made is any tell-tale sign. Web searches come up with different answers, from sweeter to not sweeter, to "fresher tasting".

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  1. I'm my opinion, sugar cane vinegar is most close in flavor to malt vinegar. In fact there was a period when I used to use it as a condiment on my fried fish. That being said, that deal may or may not be a good one. A lot of the Phillipine brands (thoguh by no means all of them) are quite harsh tasting. Your brand isn't one I am familar with, so I can't comment on it. As for one's I do think are OK, Steen's from Loisiana is pretty good, and there was one I remember liking from the Island of Martinique (though I seem to recall that one was extremely expensive).