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Mar 22, 2012 02:02 AM

Shaanxi Gourmet

Finally went.
Had the Liang Pi - cold noodles, majiang, sesame sauce. FANTASTIC.

had the yangrou pao mou - the lamb meat with spaetzle made from unleavened loaves. Was told we could have torn and twisted (掰) them ourselves if we'd asked - next time. also, good cold dishes. the head cheese was fantastic. The biang-biang mian - ok. should have eaten them immediately, hard to divide when not piping hot.

Also, the "burgers" the Rou Jia Mo (aka FanJi La Zhi Rou) were tasty. Would have preferred lamb meat. but tasty.

SO many shaanxi specialties unavailabe, - babao ZHOU, ZengGao, and the persimmon cakes. Maybe someday.

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  1. Thanks for bringing up the topic. I went 2 weeks back. Agree. The place is legit. Tons of Mainlanders running the show. Posting some of my crappy photos...

    Thank goodness I can read the menus somewhat (I read far more traditional Chinese than I do simplified Chinese). Still no English menu in sight.

    Looking forward to those persimmon cakes one day!

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    1. re: J.L.

      sure will ---

      exactly - huanggui persimmon cake with lintong crystal persimoons

      hope picture comes out

      guess not. just click for pictures.

      1. re: Jerome

        Does this restaurant Shaanxi Gourmet have persimmon cakes? Those are one of the most memorable things I ate in China.

      2. re: J.L.

        I was a bit disappointed in the place. While the noodle dishes were great, especially the Liang Pi, I thought the Rou Jiao Mo was disappointing. The bread portion lacked the density, chewiness and hard baked exterior I remember from my visit to Xi'an. The meat was mushy and lacked texture.

        1. re: J.L.

          When did they get rid of their English menu? When I went there last year, I remembering them having one.

          1. re: odub

            The first menu, with English translation and looking for all the world like it was mimeographed (for those old enough to remember those), was soon replaced by a glossy(ish) menu entirely in Mandarin save for photos of some dishes. There are wall mountings showing some dishes and using some English as well.

        2. One of the few (only?) places to get hand-palm noodles.

          1. I went two weeks ago and really liked both the liang pi (our group's favorite) and yangrou pao mo.
            We were surprised to see the bread diced as small as it was in the broth, but they stayed delightfully chewy and not overly soggy until the end and we noticed later too someone tearing their own, so that's something we'll try in future.

            We also got the da pan ji (big plate of chicken), but other than liking the noodles hidden underneath, the very bony chicken pieces and sauce were underwhelming.

            I had read several reviews touting the lamb burger, but our server said they didn't ever (?) serve it with lamb, so we skipped it since we already had so much food.

            1. Good place. Very cheap ($3 for a bowl of sesame noodles--doesn't seem right). The food may not be "gourmet," but it's not just thrown together either. I thought seasoning of all dishes was just right--it's easy to make Chinese cold dishes too sour, sweet, oily, etc.--and the knifework was impressive. There is no English menu and the waitstaff barely spoke English, but they spoke enough to make it work.

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              1. just an update - went recently and had some interesting things - mushroom on skewers, bolied, doufupi - tofu skin also boiled, a dish with green beans, a soupo with quick boiled (cuan) meat balls and seaweed. wonderully diverse menu - also, they don't just have the pork roujiamo. they also have one with spices and lamb that's like a dry sloppy joe. really good (ziran yangroujiamo)