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Mar 21, 2012 09:40 PM

Feeding my pregnant daughter in NY next month.

I think I could use a little help with my plans.

We are arriving on Wednesday and staying in the city for three nights. Daughter, SIL and grandson will join us one of those, and we will have a celebratory birthday meal, just husband and myself, for our final meal.

We are doing some eating to please our daughter who lives in the boondocks and has cravings.

We arrive on Wednesday, and may try to visit an exhibit late in the day. I want to see the Renoirs at The Frick. A late snack will be in order, but I don't know where to go in that part of town.

For dinner, just the two of us, and fairly casual, I was thinking Via Emilia.

The next day, before the family comes into the city, I would like to get to Russ and Daughters. I'm wanting a lox on poppy with a bit of cream cheese, capers and onions. And maybe a whitefish salad if I can talk my husband into splitting the sandwiches.

That night, the family wants to eat at Spice (haven't picked a location yet; this is all for daughter who had a branch of Spice near her FIT dorm back in the day, and is seriously craving it. If anyone can suggest a branch where 5 or 6 can be comfortably seated, that would be good. Grandson is young, but a seasoned restaurant diner. We will have dinner at 6.

After dinner, the only dessert place we could find is something called ChocoBolo that my daughter saw on television. It is in Soho. She is desperately craving a rich chocolate dessert.

The next day we are on our own. I am at a loss here. We may go to the Brooklyn Museum, but we would want to be back in Manhattan for dinner. I am thinking Craft, Maiolino, Locanda Verde. I just dont know....Looking for really good food, but I don't want to dress up. We loved Hearth last time in the city.... any similar suggestions?

I also want to visit the High Line if there are any food suggestions that could tie in with that.

Thanks for any and all help.

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  1. Near the Frick, try Untitled at The Whitney or the new Eli's Essentials for takeout.

    Instead of ChocoBolo (formerly known as The Best Chocolate Cake in the World), how about a slice of cake at Amy's Bread? ChocoBolo's cakes are flour less and appear to be very light, not dark or rich.

    Another option might be the chocolate Bruno at Blue Ribbon Bakery. Or gelato at Grom.

    Craft, Maialino, Locanda Verde all book up fairly quickly. When is your trip?

    Places near the High Line:

    1. For The Spice / Chocobolo combination you could do it on the UWS now.
      Spice is on 81st and Amsterdam, and a location of Chocobolo opened at 71st and broadway, or thereabouts.
      It would be a quick cab, or little bit of a walk to get between the two. Not the most glamorous part of the city, but definitely kid friendly.

      There are other dessert options in the neighborhood, like Levain (massive, chocolatey cookies), Magnolia's, Jacque Torres, Good Enough To Eat, etc... that are a little closer than chocobolo

      As for dinner on friday without dressing up too much, perhaps Rouge y Blanc in Soho? Relaxed atmosphere, but really good food. Also maybe ABC kitchen, don't have to get too dressed up to head there, and pretty solid food. I also like Perilla, great place to eat at the bar, or have a relaxed meal.

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      1. re: UWSEater

        These are all good suggestions but I should have mentioned that I spent hours combing opening and closing times for dessert, and it seemed that nearly every place mentioned will be closed by the time we leave dinner.

        The Chocobolo branches are all closed early except the one in Soho.

        Any other dessert places open AFTER dinner?

        I am pretty sure she wants some kind of a cake or dessert rather than gelato or ice cream. That is making it more complicated.

        We have often gone to Veniero's for dessert, just because it is open. I don't really like it that much but if someone can suggest anything there that is really good, I will pass it on to my daughter.

        I will check out Good Enough to Eat's hours; it's on their way home.

        Our trip is in 4 weeks. I'm getting ready to do reservations.

        1. re: debkurt

          The West Village Amy's Bread is open late, as is Blue Ribbon. She might also like the chocolate desserts at Bar Room at the Modern or L'Artusi, for something more refined.

          Many restaurants here have great desserts on the menu, I think that's why you see so few dessert-only places.

          1. re: kathryn

            I wish I could talk her into a restaurant with great dessert; that would be my preference. But my daughter is very pregnant and she wants what she wants. Im willing to go to Spice if that's what she wants, but the challenge is getting her dessert after!

            1. re: debkurt

              You are a very sweet Mommy, and I suspect will be a very kind grandmommy.

      2. have you ever been to Gotham Bar & Grill? i know it wasn't on your list, but you might want to consider it for dinner on Friday. excellent food and service, you don't have to dress up, AND your daughter can order their wonderful flourless chocolate cake for dessert if she doesn't get her fix on Thursday. just a thought.

        1. just had another thought about satisfying your daughter's chocolate could have dinner at the East Village (2nd Ave) location of Spice, and then pop over to DessertTruck Works on Clinton Street for dessert.

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          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Dessert Truck Works looks perfect. Daughter has already said that she likes the 2nd Ave Spice, and we have had family dinners there before.

            I will investigate Gotham Bar and Grill.

            What do people think of Via Emilia?

            1. re: debkurt

              i've never been to Via Emilia, but their pastas (made in-house) and lasagna seem to be quite popular with fellow Hounds.

              NB: if you do end up at Gotham, their tuna tartare is one of the best renditions i've ever had. obviously not something your daughter would order, but you certainly can!

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Oh, I did look at GB&G; it looks nice, and expensive, but after all it is my birthday.

                We will only be feeding the family one night, so I'm not worried about what daughter will eat any place but the dessert. She is totally committed to her Spice dinner, and I think i have her convinced that Dessert Truck Works will be just right.

                I told her about the affigato at Grom, and we both think it sounds heavenly, but she says that she needs cake. It is a need that I can understand.

                The other choice would be cake at Amy's.

                I couldn't find much about Blue Ribbon for dessert at night.

                1. re: debkurt

                  Just to chime in: Amy's black and white cake is my favorite cake slice anywhere. (In fact, I'm sure I would want that too if I were pregnant.) They are open until 11 p.m. Weds.-Sat., 9 p.m. the other nights.

                  Also, Magnolia Bakery is open late too. I know people rag on the cupcakes, but I like their cake slices a lot.