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Mar 21, 2012 09:27 PM

Great bars, desserts or coffee spots around Courtyard Marriott Magnificent Mile?

Impossible question from a NH hound in Chicago for sales meeting - we'll be going to Gino's, Lucky Strike, eating at hotel most of the time. Any suggestions for early morning coffee nearby (Intelligentisa looks like a little too long of a shlep) or late night "real Chicago" bars or dessert spots?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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  1. There's a Lavazza near your hotel -- yes, a chain, but it's still a better cup of coffee than what you'll get at Starbucks (I think). Intelligentsia only looks to be .7 miles away - if the weather is nice, that wouldn't be too bad. Just be sure to allow ~10 minutes to get your coffee, though, especially if there's a line.

    For something late night, both Sable and Purple Pig should suit you well. There's also the original Billy Goat Tavern on the lower level of Michigan Ave. Probably more tourists than locals these days but still might be worth a visit.

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      Billy Goat Tavern is very old, very Chicago, and it was memorialized on Saturday Nite Live (cheezeboiger, cheezeboiger, chips). But it's really awful food.

    2. Late at night is tough in that area, as downtown sort of shuts down after 10 p.m.
      Although it doesn't really qualify as late night or early morning, there is a Vosges chocolate store just a couple of blocks north of your hotel at 520 N. Michigan.