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Mar 21, 2012 09:11 PM

Mom's 80th casual birthday dinner for 25-30?

My mom loves good Mexican food. We are staying at the Bahia Resort in Mission Bay and need someplace close by for her birthday dinner. We LOVE Fidel's in Solana Beach but do not want to drive that far.

I do not see much in this part of town. Any thoughts here? Do we go to Old Town- I think it is a bit touristy and prefer not to. We are originally from Encinitas but most of us have relocated to the Bay area.

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  1. Just a thought. With the number of people you have perhaps you could arrange for a dining area on the grounds of the resort and have catering brought in. It might make for a pleasant setting and be cost effective. Super Cocina ( on University Ave caters and you won't find better Mexican food made up in group quantities.