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Mar 21, 2012 09:07 PM

Rhode Island Shore Dinner

Looking for a nice, loal place along the Rhode Island shore for fried clams, chowder, lobsters, onion rings, etc.

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  1. Most of the better places are still shuttered for the winter. But, there is one place that is still open that far outshines the rest ant that is the matunuck oyster bar.

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      Hi--I agree with you BIG TIME about Matunuck Oyster Bar. I live in The Berkshires but am a Rhode Islander by whole family is in R.I., and I am there every few weeks. On Saturday, my sister and I took our aunt to the Coast Guard House for lunch. I have been there a few times...the view is great if you score a window table, and the food is pretty much okay...It is not as exciting as Matunuck, but, for the ambience and menu, I feel it is good enough. And, much to our delight, all the ice cream places as in Brickley's, Little Rhode Ice Cream, Hilltop have already opened (as well they should have given the weather.).

    2. Like the others, I love Matunuck Oyster Bar, but it's not a clam shack, where the only piece of equipment is a fryolator.

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        That is why I suggested Coast Guard House as an is much better than a number of those places at Point Judith...they CAN put out a lobster salad plate with the best of them. I am sure they will open their upstairs, outside patio soon if they have not done so already. Oh, and FjmArch: at Matunuk, you can sit outside, also.

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          Sorry...I actually meant the part about sitting outside to cneilgomer, not you...

        2. re: Gin n Tonic

          And that is why I prefaced my post with most of the better places are shuttered still. You could give Champlin's in Galilee a shot or even Iggy's on Oakland Beach in Warwick.

          AikiLou, Don't remember saying you couldn't sit outside at Matunuk. It is the reason I love the place in the fall and spring. I am able to sit outside without having to wait and not having the wait staff trying to push us out the door if we feel like lingering and enjoying the outside.

          1. We ate at Matunuck Oyster Bar yesterday and loved it. Although a little chilly, we along with several others, sat outside. They lit up the outdoor heaters for those who wanted them. I had seared scallops with truffle butter, wild mushroom risotto and grilled vegetables. My wife had clams with linguine in a wine and olive oil sauce. Both dishes were outstanding and the scallops in particular were perfectly cooked. Both dishes were pretty simple and thus let the fresh seafood do the talking. Service was outstanding. The servers not only knew about their various oysters, they were outwardly proud of the fact that the Matunuck oysters came from their own farm. We hope to get there again and I'm kicking myself for not getting there sooner.