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Mar 21, 2012 07:44 PM

Hartford Family Reunion

Would love suggestions for a nice place to have a family reunion dinner. There will be 12 of us - all adults, and mostly senior citizens, so a quiet venue with easy access parking for the handicapped would be preferable. Moderately expensive OK as long as we don't have to dress up. Steaks, prime rib, Italian, seafood our main preference. Would prefer a place near the airport, but willing to drive downtown or to other areas if necessary.

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  1. How about The Nutmeg in East Windsor?

    I've only been once, but my mom and her boyfriend are regulars--and everything you requested menu-wise is all right there...not to mention, reasonably close to the airport.

    You're throwing me off on the "not dressing up" part--how not dressed up do you mean? Jeans or shorts and t-shirts would be out of place here, but I really doubt that's what you meant...or do you prefer a much more casual venue? Let us know and you'll likely get more answers. Have a nice time, wherever you go!

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    1. re: kattyeyes

      Thanks for the suggestion. I'll pull up their menu,

      To clarify on two things that I didn't make very clear: I meant any of the types of cuisine mentioned would be OK, not that one restaurant had to serve all the items mentioned, And as for attire, I meant a place where the men don't have to wear a jacket and tie. Sorry for any confusion I caused by not being clearer.

      1. re: bella cuisine

        I didn't necessarily think you meant to find all things in one restaurant--just thought I'd point out The Nutmeg's menu covers all your bases that way. ;) No apologies necessary.

        I asked my mom about dressing up. She did say she's seen people in jeans--so jacket and tie not required, though men often do wear jackets. I think you and your family would enjoy yourselves there without having to venture farther south.

        HOWEVER...farther south, J Gilbert's in Glastonbury is GREAT for steaks and seafood. Jackets/ties not required here, either.

        1. re: kattyeyes

          Looked at their website and menu, and it looks very nice indeed. It will definitely be on my "short list"! Thanks again for being so helpful.

      1. re: brookerme

        I was going to suggest Mill on the River, there is a walk from the parking lot. Not long, but I seem to remember a few steps down, although there must be a ramp since I often see sr. citizens there.

        1. re: Tinkerbelldee

          Thank you for your helpful reply.

          I will definitely look at the Mill on the River website.

          I think ADA laws require all public places provide a ramp nowadays, so we should be OK. None of us are in a wheelchair (yet!) but sometimes it's nice to make use of a ramp nonetheless.