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How is Wright's Chicken Farm?

How is the food at Wright's Farm where I heard they serve up chicken to the masses? Is it particularly good and worth driving out of your way for as a destination if you don't live anywhere nearby, or is it pretty ordinary fare? Would love to hear comments from people who have been. This is in Harrisville, RI.

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  1. I've been there, but it was back in 2003, and as the only non family member for a wedding rehearsal dinner with both families full of lunatics, so take the review with a grain of salt. The chicken was quite tasty, but the sides were nothing to write home about. I wouldn't go back, but again, that could just be the disastrous company I was with coloring my recollection.

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      This has got to be one of the funniest reviews I ever read! How did the Wedding turn out with the lunatic families? Is the couple still married? How did you become part of the wedding party? LOL!

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        The couple is still married. We met in college, although they knew each other before hand through the LaSalle school system. The lunatic families still cause them problems, and they caused problems at the wedding, there was fainting, a fire, and the wedding wasn't even official because someone "misplaced" the wedding license. My poor friends had to go to the Justice of the Peace's house the next day to have the document officially signed before they left for the honeymoon.

    2. It's a great place to take your Little League team after they win a big game.

      1. The chicken is solid and the sides are ok. I admit I find the shells and sauce strangely addictive and the heavily dressed salad is tasty in a heavily dressed tossed salad kind of way.

        If you've never been and you are from the area you need to go at least once to experience it for yourself. But go for the total experience - i.e. the drive to the deepest, darkest heart of Burillville, the gift shop, the people watching, the massive dining rooms - not just the food.

        Where are you coming from?

        1. It has been around for a long time!

          1. Thanks for all the comments. Not much of an endorsement to visit.

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              Frobisher's post is right on target. The food is ok, but the place is a trip. Go once!

            2. It's really a group place, best when visited with a dysfunctional family. The chicken is moist and tasty, the fries addictively good baked in the oven, the salad tasty pre-vinaigrette type, pasta with tiny shells and tomato sauce.

              1. Good Morning,

                Wrights farm is a typical RI insitiution. I have been there twice in my life and about 6 months ago I felt a chicken day. The place holds around 1,200 people more or less its a cash operation thats why they can keep prices down. Its chicken the salad and FF the pasta you can keep it. But the way the place is run its for families who in the past 5 years with the economy in the dumps a family of 4or 5 or more can all you can eat for around $10.00 McDonalds garbage would be $6-$7 dollars. Its turn them and flip them in and out. You cant screw up FF the salad will vary depending how much dressing they put on it and the chicken is chicken. The place is clean which in a few restaurants in RI is not the case. SO its people who would love to take the family out to dinner on a budget.

                  1. I was one of several business associates taken to dinner there, hosted by a salesman who had gone to school in RI and had many happy memories of the place. I think he really wanted an excuse to visit the place. I was disappointed. If you want a lot of food at a good price, it's probably a good choice. If you want to discuss business, sitting in a huge dining room at long buffet tables, it's not a good choice.

                    1. If you are near there are driving home from RI to CT I would stop but it's not worth driving from CT esp. Stratford to get there. Expect to wait also, the place is huge. Some people brought decks of cards and games and played them until they were called. The place is HUGE the dining room decor wasn't anything to write home about. We may stop again if we go antiquing out that way.

                      1. It is a phenomenon and you should go at least once. Very simple but also very, very cheap. The roast chicken is very good as are the roasted potatoes. The salad and pasta is cafeteria-worthy, but perfectly edible. They offer you seconds (though my table didn't need them). It is worth the 25-minute drive from Providence for sure.

                        1. Have to concur with the comments - go once. Good for families and larger groups. For a much better dining experience drive another mile or so west on 102 to Bella's on the left. Great food and service for over a decade...