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Mar 21, 2012 05:43 PM

Weekend of eating in Portland!

Hey hey,

We are spending a weekend in Portland and want to make sure we're not missing anything.

Friday night: up in the air- possilbly Hugo's or Bar Lola

Sat: We want to walk around and have a few small bites throughout the day- nothing big as we are going to Fore Street for a late dinner. Possibilities for small bites: charcuterie and beer at Novare Res, Duck Fat, J's for oysters, Nosh for burger and fries... What else??

Also, what other fun things should we do? Probably something that requires exercise...

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Hugo's is still running their winter (80 degrees, go figure) 2 for 1 tasting menu. 6 courses for $96 vs. $192. 8 courses 2 for 1 for $120. With wine pairings, which I would recommend, you're still pretty expensive but a bargain for what you would normally spend. For that reason alone, I'd go to Hugo's on Friday.
    Saturday looks like you're hitting several of my favorites. I love J's but it does not receive high marks for the oysters - usually pre-shucked. A Nosh burger and fries is not eating light. Nuvare is a must as is Duckfat - more fries? I've been hitting the bar at Grace semi regularly lately. Had lunch at Miyake last week. Still the best and most expensive sushi by far but it's really at a different level than the others in town. I've also been liking Ginko Blue for drinks and music - when the music's good otherwise a little too "slick" for Portland IMO.
    If the weather is still nice, walk the boulevard or along the path along the water. You can take the ferry to Peaks and rent a bike (the bike shop might not be open yet) for some exercise. Enjoy!

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      GREAT suggestions! Thanks for your time!


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        Thanks so much for these suggestions - I am off to Portland this weekend and have a similar looking list!

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          I don't go for another couple weeks, please let me know where you went and what you thought!

          Have fun!