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Mar 21, 2012 04:54 PM

new restaurant in Bistro 44 space Toms River

Guess the people who bought the business from Chef Eric couldn't make a go of the place. It's been empty for the past several months.

Today I heard (from someone very close to the situation) that someone has leased the space and is going to put a "Italian-American comfort food" restaurant in there. Seems to be pretty brave to do that right across from Capone's which has been pretty successful for many years.

Should be interesting to see how this plays out. Now that Capone's has given up its liquor license, the playing field may be more even if this place can produce some good food.

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  1. Really? How original. Lol


    1. WOW Just what NJ and especially the Jersey Shore needs is another Red sauce place!

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          While I would rather have anything other than a red sauce Italian, I'm happy the space will be filled as we have slim pickings downtown. Let's not forget that a decent talian restaurant named Reggio's was the predecessor to Bistro 44.

      1. Just drove by the place. It looked like the name said Nuova Luna. Will be opening May 1st

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          Looks to be the same chef and restaurant in the below link.


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            The "pan seared" tuna in their menu video looks suspiciously like it is grilled.

            This is neither here nor there. Seems like a decent place for what it is.

            1. re: tommy

              Do we really need another Italian restaurant in TR ....especially with Capone's Italian restaurant right across the street? I miss bistro 44

              1. re: Tapas52

                I agree. I don't think this town needs yet another Italian-American joint.

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                  I notice that the theme down in Toms River is to say that we have a lot of "Red Sauce Places" or "Italian-American" restaurants, what is missing down here is a couple of Great Italian Restaurants which we can use.

        2. This place is now open for business. Drove past there the other day.


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            Jersey - They've been open since the first week of May.

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              Have you tried it? Anyone have a review ?

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                We have and liked it very much. The bread was wonderful and the soups are very authentic Italian. Very generous portions. My husband had the Zuppe De Pesce and it was loaded with seafood. We will definitely try it again. Nice atmoshere and very good service.

          2. Drove by Nuovo Luna last night and saw a big banner across the space stating that it was under new ownership.

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              I wonder how the Oakhurst location is doing, I'm not far from there and have never heard a "buzz" about it.